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How to Program Motorola Radios

Why Program Walkie Talkies? Walkie talkies, while incredibly useful right out of the box, become even more powerful when you tailor them to your specific needs through programming. Customi … read more

Motorola DTR Radios: Product Review

Welcome to digital talk with the Motorola Digital DTR Radios Harness the power of digital radio technology to advance your organization. With a relatively small investment and a few minute … read more

Two-Way Radios Make Retail Easy!

There are so many uses for the Motorola two-way radios we carry here at Tech Wholesale. In fact, we firmly believe that virtually every business can benefit from the convenience and ease of two-way ra … read more

Two-Way Radios for Summer Campgrounds

We usually spend our time talking about the ways that our two-way radios can help streamline the workflow in your business. But how about something a little more fun? Two-way radios can be a … read more

FCC rules on Walkie-Talkies

Walkie-talkies are extremely useful and affordable communication tools that are great for communicating with large or small groups of people over a short distance. Using a walkie-talkie doesn’t cost a … read more

Walkie Talkies for Sport Events

Every sporting event, big or small, needs to be properly organized. An easy-to-use, reliable communication system can be the first step in maintaining these event crowds. Tech Wholesale, w … read more