High-Tech Gardening in Your Home

For tech lovers, there's absolutely no part of the home that can't be improved by a bit of technology. You may think that gardening is an all-natural hobby, but with the help of Tech Wholesale, even your garden can use a bit of a tech update.

The high-tech gardener won't want to miss out on the Parrot Pot Self Watering Plant Container, a unique and innovative device that helps to make gardening and caring for houseplants a breeze. If you think that you have a bit of a black thumb rather than a green thumb, this handy (and fascinating!) device will give your plants a fighting chance. Here's how it works.

  • The pot itself connects to a Bluetooth database of more than 8,000 different plant varieties, so it knows exactly what type of care your particular plant requires.
  • The Bluetooth device then connects to a 2.2-liter irrigation system, which knows exactly when and how much to water your plant. No overwatering here!
  • Your Parrot Pot Self Watering Plant Container will then give you a full report on your plant's specs, including its soil moisture, fertilizer, sunlight requirements, and even its temperature. It will also show you the amount of time before the next reservoir filling.
  • The Parrot Pot Self Watering Plant Container connects to an app on your smartphone, which allows you to access its Bluetooth database and plant profile. It will even send you alerts to show you exactly how your plant is doing! 
  • Despite all of these technological advancements, the Parrot Pot Self Watering Plant Container still looks just as sleek and understated as a traditional plant pot. It features a tall, slender design and your choice of three attractive colors, and you can re-use it time and time again with different plants by simply repotting.