Improve Your Activism and Community Groups with Two-Way Radios

Robust two-way radios for activism and community groups will engage and inform your members for more effective campaigns. In today's super-connected world, people are more powerful when they come together for a common cause, whether it's to protest an unpopular court decision or engage in grassroots community policing for a safer neighborhood. Cell phones and the internet can take communications just so far. At times when cell phone towers may be overloaded with activity, a particular location has spotty coverage or if you need to get an urgent message out to your entire team, nothing beats community walkie-talkies!

Activism and Two-Way Radios

While you can do advance planning online, the situation while marching through city streets can quickly change. When people are spread across a wide area of many blocks, how can you quickly reorganize at a moment's notice? Two-way radios make it easy to broadcast a directive to protest leaders so they can effectively organize large groups. They also come in handy if there's suddenly a blockade or police activity. Does it appear that someone might get arrested or is someone being harassed on a company picket line? Broadcast that information to the team and have someone get a camera crew out.

There are different options for high-quality two-way radios, and at Tech Wholesale, we have radios for every budget and to fit any requirements. If you're looking for something especially affordable so you can outfit several members of your activist team, consider the Motorola Talkabout Series. They're designed for personal and family use and are made tough to withstand rugged use. They also broadcast on the Family Radio Service (FRS) band, which does not require an FCC license to operate. They also have built-in NOAA weather channels, so you can stay ahead of the weather and know if there's a storm approaching.

Community Watchdog Groups and Walkie-Talkies

Many citizens living in the inner cities are becoming more active in working with law enforcement to patrol their streets to keep their community and their children safe. These community watchdog groups need to keep in close contact with each other for the monitoring to be at its most effective. For this activity also, two-way radios make perfect sense. If someone sees an individual behaving in a suspicious way or witnesses criminal activity, they can call for reinforcements or radio for someone to call the police. In addition to the Motorola Talkabout radios, the Motorola digital radios, operating on the 900 MHz frequency band, also do not require an FCC license. There are digital radio features that analog radios don't have, such as the ability to talk to a single person privately, in addition to broadcasting to your group. They're also extremely lightweight, built to military specifications and have a very long battery life of up to 14 hours.

Walkie-talkies keep community members and protestors in constant contact to keep everyone well informed and safe. Superior to cell phones in that they don't require cell phone towers, these two-way radios will keep you talking even when coverage is spotty or when the towers are overloaded on a busy day. They'll help give your community or your cause new energy, vitality and solidarity.