Two-Way Radio Brands and Why they Matter

Don't risk your important communications with a lesser-known two-way radio brand! Go with a trusted industry leader for the latest in innovative technology, most reliable equipment and best customer support.

Why Bigger is Better When It Comes to Two-Way Radios The two biggest players in the world of portable and mobile radios is Kenwood and Motorola. Both companies have more than 50 years of experience in consumer electronics and each has made its mark in developing next generation radio equipment and accessories that match the demands of the marketplace.  Why is this important? The best two-way radio company will be the one that was an innovator since the beginning of mobile communications. They will have the edge over newer companies, since they were the ones who first introduced the technology and they've been following the changes and trends in two-way radios for many years. Between them, Motorola and Kenwood have the largest customer base for two-way radio systems and walkie-talkies, and this reputation can only be upheld by continuing to offer high performance devices with the most important features and best reliability. They each have their own line of compatible accessories that are specifically designed for particular models to deliver the optimal potential from your radio.

Kenwood Radios: Cutting Edge, Reliability, Price and Many Choices Beginning as Kasuga Radio Co. Ltd. In 1946, Kenwood's first analog radio was released in 1978. They introduced the TK-250 portable two-way walkie-talkie in 1995, and their extremely popular Pro-Talk radio, which did not require a license, came out in 1999. Since that time, their radios have become known throughout the world as being durable, high-quality, comfortable to use and inexpensive. Their radios have long battery life and the company offers many compatible accessories. The radios are also compatible with most other brands of accessories. The company offers many different models, from basic models for those on a budget to high-end radios with many advanced features. Kenwood continues to closely follow public demand and creates products to meet existing needs.

Motorola Radios: A Leading Innovator and Mobile Communications Pioneer Founded in 1928, Motorola (then known as Galvin Manufacturing Corporation) led the way in car radios and police cruiser radios. Their early portable radio, developed in 1940, was used by the U.S. military in World War II. They are a company of "firsts" - world's first FM portable two-way radio in 1943, first commercial taxi two-way communication system in 1944 and first portable radios for business use in 1947. They were also the first company in the world to introduce a commercially-available cellular phone, in 1983. This history of innovation puts them ahead of later adopters when it comes to knowledge of the industry, technological expertise and seeing the future of portable communications.

Today, both Kenwood and Motorola offer high-tech digital two-way radios that combine cell phone convenience with the security, privacy and durability of a robust radio device. Both their analog and digital radios come equipped with sophisticated features, and you'll benefit from their many years of expertise with the quality, versatility, durability and compatibility of their widely-used products.