Two Way Radios Aid in Disaster Situations

Two way radios have been used for communication during disasters since at least the time of the Second World War. In a wartime setting, for instance, two way radios were the only means of live communication for the troops back to their superiors or headquarters. 

In the time since then, two way radios have grown in popularity with the general population because they make communication possible in areas where it otherwise might not be. In an emergency situation, walkie talkies can be extremely helpful in areas that are without phone lines or electricity.

Two way radios can be the key to safety

How can Two Way Radios Help in a Disaster?

Whether you have a business or some other kind of organization, strategically placed emergency kits are extremely important in the event of a disaster. These emergency kits should contain two way radios in easy-to-access locations. Be sure your entire staff knows how to use the radios.

Two way radios allow you to send messages to one another without the use of a cell tower. That fact alone makes them more reliable than cell phones in remote areas where it’s virtually impossible to get a signal. Schools, commercial businesses, and public facilities should have a set of two way radios with extra batteries available for communication during a disaster.

In the event of an emergency situation, reach for your two way radio and try to reach someone on the other end. Make sure that the communication line is open between the radio devices before you split up. When it comes to emergency situations, open lines of communication are vital.

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