Two-Way Radio Rebates

Save a lot of money and boost your company's profits by taking the time to learn about two-way radio rebates. You might think that a next generation two-way radio system is beyond your organization's means, but top radio manufacturers regularly offer very attractive radio rebates that can significantly lower the cost.

Leading manufacturers frequently offer walkie-talkie rebates so you can affordably trade up to their latest model. If you're considering an upgrade to your organization's internal communications system, first check the manufacturer's website for your current model to see if they have a rebate offer. Motorola and Kenwood are the two leaders in two-way radio technology, and both companies are always making improvements on their products, offering the latest technology such as digital radios.

An example of one such rebate would be a special sale price on a particular model when you buy 10 units, and additional savings if you trade in previous eligible models. These offers tend to be for a very limited time, so you should check their company websites often.