Product Highlight: Motorola RDX Business Radios

Motorola RDX Radio

Did you know that the Motorola RDX line of business radios offers so much more than your average walkie talkie? Designed for everyday use in some of the toughest environments, the Motorola RDX business radio is an essential for on-site construction work, security, or other industrial applications. If you use a two way radio to communicate with employees, a command center, or others in an environment that demands durability and performance, then you need the Motorola RDX radio from

This radio comes packed with 4 watts of power, so you can easily communicate between 30 floors indoors or within 350,000 square feet. Plus, it offers 10 channels, operates on 89 different UHF frequencies, and has 122 privacy codes to help ensure a clear signal. Factor in the Advance Voice Activation (VOX) that allows for hands-free operation and Customer Programming Software and you’ve got a radio that goes above and beyond.  That’s not just power; it’s perfection in a business radio.

Get your Motorola RDX radio for industrial, construction, security, or retail functions. Trust us. You’ll never turn back to your old set of walkie talkies again.