Product Highlight: Motorola CLS1410 Radio

Motorola CLS Radio

A good business radio is tough to come by, but at, they’re just about everywhere you look. Our selection of Motorola two way business radios is one of the best on the net and one of our favorite two way radios is the Motorola CLS1410 Radio.

This high tech business walkie talkie is specifically designed for the restaurant, retail, and education industries in mind. So whether you’re calling the buses for end of day dismissal, answering questions in the stock room, or relaying information between the dining room and the kitchen, the Motorola CLS 1410 radio is the ideal tool for getting the job done.

This radio also offers great features like:

  • The ability to communicate between 15 floors or 200,000 sq. feet indoors
  • Power that’s two times stronger than traditional family walkie talkies
  • 56 UHF business-exclusive frequencies
  • 4 channels of operation with 121 interference codes

Now these are just some of the features that come in the Motorola CLS 1410. Factor in the long-lasting battery and the ease of use and you’ve got a business radio that’s perfect for your working environment. Get your Motorola CLS 1410 today at