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Information - Procom PR-300 Radio (Charger IS included)

Procom PR-300 Product Description

Tired of radios that whisper when you need to shout? Introducing the Procom PR-300: the 2-watt, feature-packed beast that blows away the competition!

Motorola CLS compatibility? You got it! The PR-300 is a DROP-IN replacement to the Motorola CLS. That means it uses the same chargers and headsets and will talk to the CLS radios.

Here's why the PR-300 is your new communication boss:

  • 2 Watts of Power: This ain't your grandma's radio! Blast through noise and get your message heard.
  • Indoor Range: 225,000 sqft / 15 Floors
  • 16 Channels: Stay connected to your whole crew, no matter how spread out they are.
  • Smart Talk: Hear who's calling before you pick up. No more "uh, who dis?" moments. ️
  • Crystal Clear Display: See everything you need at a glance, from channels to battery life.
  • No Busy Lines: Skip the "channel's busy" frustration with Busy Channel Lockout.
  • LED Flashlight: Be a hero in the dark. Or just find your keys.
  • Customize Your Talk: Program mic sensitivity, key functions, and more! Make it your own. ️
  • Talk to Everyone: Motorola CLS radio user? No problem! The PR-300 speaks their language.

And that's not all! This radio is a feature fiesta:

  • Wireless Cloning: Share settings with other radios like magic! 
  • Long-lasting Battery: Keep the conversation going all day long.
  • 9 Call Tones: Find your perfect ringtone and stand out from the crowd.
  • Privacy Protection: Scrambler and compandor keep your conversations confidential.

What is included with the Procom PR-300?

Radio, Battery, Belt Clip Holster and Charger

(*the Procom PR-300 radio can use the same drop in charger as the Motorola CLS radio, if needed)

What is the range or coverage area of the Procom PR-300?

Range: 225,000 sqft / 15 Floors

How many channels does the Procom PR-300 offer?

Channels: 16 

**If the radios you are ordering need to communicate with existing radios - please request ‘programming required’ and add the required programming information.

Is the Procom PR-300 compatible with other radios I may already have?

The Procom PR-300 is communication compatible with the Motorola CLS series radios. For other radios, it entirely depends on the frequencies your current two way radios are operating on. To confirm if your radios are compatible, email us or send us a chat in the bottom right corner of your screen.

Does it come with a warranty, and what does the warranty cover?

These two way radios come with a 2 year replacement warranty. This warranty will cover any defective or malfunctioning walkie talkie. Contact us with any warranty questions!

Where can I request a quote for Procom PR-300?

If you are purchasing radios in bulk - definitely contact us for a quote for special bulk pricing!

What is the battery life of the Procom PR-300?

The battery life is 14-18 hours (depending on power mode used)

Is the Procom PR-300 suitable for indoor and outdoor use?

This radio operates on UHF frequencies - meaning it would be ideal for indoor and or outdoor use. 

Is the Procom PR-300 waterproof or water resistant?

It is not waterproof but can be around moisture. If there is moisture in the air, it is no issue. Should the radio be exposed to water, turn it off and let it dry.

Are there any additional accessories available for this Procom PR-300, such as headsets or carrying cases?

The Procom PR-300 radio is compatible with Motorola CLS accessories. View all accessories.

Does the Procom PR-300 require an FCC license for use?

This radio does require an FCC license.

Find more information from the official FCC website.

Can I use the Procom PR-300 in my specific industry? 

You can shop walkies talkies for your industry here. Or take our questionnaire to find the perfect two way radio based on your requirements.

This radio is recommended for industries like or similar to: restaurants, retail stores, medical offices, schools.

What is the size of the Procom PR-300?

This walkie talkie is generally small/medium. The dimensions for this radio are: 5.8" tall (including antenna), 2" wide, 1.1" deep. It weighs 4.5 oz.

Are there any discounts or promotions currently available for the Procom PR-300?

We always have a discount program available! Please contact us at for current discounts and promotions.

    Product Specifications

  • Band: UHF (450-470 MHz)
  • Channels: 16
  • Power: 2 Watt
  • Weight: 4.5 oz
  • Dimensions: 5.8" x 2" x 1.1"
  • Outdoor Range: Up to 1 mile
  • Indoor Range: 225,000 sqft / 15 Floors
  • Battery Life: 14-18 hours


  • Radio
  • Battery
  • Belt Clip Holster
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • 30 day returns
  • Charger

    Additional Specifications

  • Built in LED flashlight
  • Alphanumeric Display
  • Busy Channel Lockout
  • Speaker Enable/Disable
  • Scan
  • Programmable Key Functions
  • Battery Save Mode
  • Motorola CLS Compatible
  • VOX
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