5 Outdoor Radios for Sports Coaches and Teams

If you want to give your sports team a truly professional look and much smoother communication, you might want to try using two-way radios both on the field during games and while running drills at practice. You often see professional coaches using these types of outdoor radios during televised games, and you can purchase the same high quality radios through Tech Wholesale. Here are just a few of the best outdoor radios for sports coaches and teams.

  • Motorola MURS Walkie Talkies. This affordable, easy-to-use walkie-talkie is great for just about any use outdoors, including coaching sporting events. These walkie-talkies even come with belt holster clips that you can attach right to your coaching uniform.
  • Motorola CLP1080e For a more professional, hands-free look, try this sleek, convenient Motorola ear piece. The adjustable ear piece is great for communicating without taking your eyes off the game, and the belt clip makes it easy to take with you wherever you go.
  • Kenwood PKT-23 If you're looking for a discreet two-way radio that's not as bulky as the usual options, this one is a great choice. While it doesn't attach right to your ear like more expensive options, it is only the size of a credit card, which makes for very easy usage on the field.
  • Kenwood KHS-34 Ring Ear Hanger If you want to upgrade your Kenwood walkie-talkie and make it hands-free, simply add this affordable ear piece. This one doesn't fit inside your ear like other styles, so it's very comfortable to wear through the whole game or practice.
  • Listen Technologies LT-700-072 Portable Display RF Transmitter. If you want to project your voice to the whole team without using a microphone, this is just the transmitter for you.  Wirelessly broadcast audio of your voice or even fun music to get your team pumped up for the big game.