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This page will tell you everything you need to know about the best accessories for one of the finest two-way radios in the world.

The Motorola TLK 150 is a game-changing device that has improved the lives of truckers, delivery drivers, bus drivers, carpet cleaners, contractors, and any vehicle-based team. 

You’ll be able to communicate anywhere in the United States using this device. Unlike traditional two-way radios, it runs off of nationwide 4G LTE cell towers, which means that it has a range that isn’t just extensive; it’s absolute. 

But even this next-level two-way radio can get even better when it’s paired with the right bells and whistles. That’s why we’re detailing the very best Motorola TLK 150 accessories in this informative guide from Tech Wholesale. 

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About the Motorola TLK 150

The Motorola TLK 150 mobile two-way radio is a truly remarkable device. Operating on a 4G LTE band, you connect with cell towers to have crystal clear communication on a nationwide network. 

That’s a total game changer for industries that rely heavily on internal vehicle fleets. This includes the trucking industry and any business with a vehicle fleet.

When you purchase the TLK 150 from Tech Wholesale, we program the radio for you, allowing you to communicate with your team regardless of distance. We program each individual radio, assigning it a name and even a group if desired. 

Communication is done through Verizon cell phone towers and requires an additional subscription fee of $35 per radio per month. 

These radios can also be used with smartphones. By downloading a special app onto a mobile device, you’ll be able to communicate with your TLK 150 radio network using a cell phone. 

You’re also free of those pesky FCC license fees that now plague other more traditional radios. Because you’re using a cellular network, there’s no need to pay out to Uncle Sam. You won’t even need to perform any manual programming on the units that you order. The team here at Tech Wholesale will handle that for you so that you’re able to use your new radio right away. 

This radio is a modern innovation that’s reshaping the industry, but it can be made even better with the tremendous accessories we’ve detailed in this guide. 

By utilizing a strong mount, you can make sure that the radio is in a convenient and secure spot. An external speaker will keep everything at a strong volume so that no communication goes unnoticed. The mic clip makes certain that everything your team needs is within their reach. Finally, the visor-mounted microphone, along with either the foot pedal or remote pushbutton, can create a safer hands-free experience.

If you have questions about the Motorola TLK 150 or any of the accessories we’ve detailed today, you can contact our customer service team by phone, email, or through the live chat service. 

Motorola RLN6466 Low-Profile Trunnion Kit

The Motorola RLN6466 Low-Profile Trunion Kit is a mounting bracket designed to hold your Motorola TLK 150 within the cabin of your vehicle. 

Whether that’s the interior of an 18-wheeler, a bus, or a delivery van, with this accessory, you can be sure that your radio is securely mounted and ready for action. 

Typically, this is used to mount a Motorola TLK 150 under a dashboard, but that’s not the only place where this accessory works. It can also be used on the floor or other areas of your vehicle if that better suits your needs. 

The need for a strong and supportive mount for an in-vehicle radio really speaks for itself. You don’t want to be driving, hit a bump in the road, and see your radio fall down and bounce around when you’re driving. Not only will it be harder to answer any messages, but you risk damaging the radio beyond repair. 

Motorola AC000240A01 External Speaker

The Motorola AC000240A01 is an external speaker that works with the Motorola TLK 150 to improve volume in noisy situations. 

A lot of times when someone is driving a large vehicle, things get loud. The general noise of the road coupled with the roar of an 18-wheeler and whatever music your driver might be listening to could drown out the sound of the radio, especially if your driver doesn’t have the best hearing to begin with. Or perhaps you’re using your Motorola TLK 150 in a construction vehicle, and it needs to be heard over loud equipment. 

That’s where this speaker comes in handy. It will boost the audio of your TLK 150, improving the sound quality and ensuring that it’s heard over whatever noisy distractions might be taking place on the open road. 

The last thing you want is for your driver to miss important communications that are vital to their duties because of noises beyond your control. By pairing your radio with an external speaker, you can officially put those fears to bed.

Motorola HLN9414 Universal Hang-Up Clip

The Motorola HLN9414 is a universal clip that allows you to hang the microphone from your Motorola TLK 150 in a place of your choosing. This accessory is not limited to the TLK 150. As it’s a universal accessory, it will work for any remote speaker microphone. 

This allows your drivers to personalize their cabin. What’s easily reachable for one driver might be inconvenient or even dangerous for another. That’s why it’s important that your team is able to mount their microphones in a place that’s both convenient and safe to retrieve when needed. 

The ear-jack shape of the accessory makes for safe and convenient placement. 

If a call comes in over the radio and the microphone is in a spot where your driver can’t reach it, they’ll have to lean over, straining while trying to remain in the lane. When this happens, they could swerve into traffic. The truck could overturn, leading to a severe accident, injuries, and damaged customer relationships.

That’s why it’s so vital to ensure that radios like the TLK 150 have these accessories handy to create a safe and secure driving environment. 

Motorola GMMN4065 Visor Mounted Microphone

The Motorola GMMN4065 is a microphone that can be mounted on a vehicle’s visor. This is a hands-free alternative for drivers who aren’t comfortable picking up the included microphone on the TLK 150. 

Instead, the microphone is mounted above the driver’s head, hanging off the sun visor on the driver’s side of the cabin. This accessory is omnidirectional while being both shielded and optimized for digital operation. 

The less you have to make a driver do, the safer they’ll be on the road. And when it comes to businesses with a vehicle fleet, road safety should always be of the utmost importance. 

For some drivers and businesses, the act of reaching over to pick up a microphone just isn’t safe enough. For them, alternative tools like this visor-mounted microphone make for a better hands-free experience. 

However, this microphone can’t just pick up sound at will. There still has to be a trigger to activate it, which is where our final two accessories come into play. 

Motorola RLN4856 PTT Foot Switch

The Motorola RLN4856 is a foot-operated switch that goes with a visor microphone to create a fully hands-free communication system. It specifically pairs well with the GMMN4065 visor microphone we just spoke about. 

The foot switch is mounted on the floor of a vehicle. When the driver needs to respond or transmit a message, they simply step down on the button and speak. Their hands never have to leave the steering wheel, and safety remains a priority throughout the duration of their journey. 

For ideal operating conditions, mount the switch by the driver’s left foot, so that they’ll never be in a situation where they won’t have time to hit the brakes with their right. 

Motorola RLN4857 Pushbutton with Remote PTT Highlights

The Motorola RLN4857 is a remote pushbutton PTT system that allows you to operate a visor microphone like the GMMN4065. It lets the driver use their Motorola TLK 150 radio completely hands-free. 

The driver simply attaches the RLN4857 to their wrist using the included velcro strap. This puts the button within range whenever something needs to be said into the microphone. While you’re still pressing the button with a finger, your hand never has to leave the wheel, and you’re never fumbling around for a microphone to speak into. 

When pairing an accessory like this with the visor-mounted microphone, you create a truly safe experience for your team and everyone else on the road along with them.