Motorola HKLN4529 Swivel Earpiece with Short Cord, Inline PTT & Mic


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Information - Motorola HKLN4529 Swivel Earpiece with Short Cord, Inline PTT & Mic

HKLN4437/4529 Earpiece Short Cord for Motorola CLP Radios

Featuring a keen omni-directional microphone, this CLP earpiece with short cord keeps your look clean and professional as you conduct your business. Perfect for the hotel, restaurant and retail industries, Motorola's CLP radios are made to work with an earpiece and microphone.

The short cord of the CLP earpiece and mic streamlines your business radio communications set up, so there's no cord to get in the way of your work day. The CLP earpiece delivers the clear audio you can always expect from Motorola two-way radios. CLP earpiece with short cord offers easily adjustable volume ensuring that you hear what's being said over the radio no matter how loud the world around you gets.
Compatible with: CLP radios

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  • Compatible with: CLP radios
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