Kenwood KHS-8BL Two-Wire Palm Mic with Earbud (Black)


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Information - Kenwood KHS-8BL Two-Wire Palm Mic with Earbud (Black)

Those who understand the benefits of two-way radios and walkie-talkies frequently ask us about the best way to utilize hands-free operation of their Kenwood radios, so that they can continue to work while communicating and improve their overall efficiency. Our answer is almost always the same: add a professional earphone and microphone to your Kenwood radio and you’ll have everything you need to use your device effectively and keep your hands available to multitask. If you have a radio from the Kenwood TK-3230 series, purchase a compatible KHS-8BL headphone.

At TechWholesale, we make recommendations such as this based on our many years of experience. We have worked with many clients and are an authorized Kenwood ProTalk Dealer, which means that we have the know-how necessary to set you up with the best radio products available for your specific business needs. We know best the Kenwood earpiece accessories that are most suited to your particular radio model and can offer the most cost-effective product recommendation that will truly meet your needs.

Like many of the other headsets and microphones in our selection of products, the KHS-8BL features many components that provide optimum functionality for a number of different professional and personal settings. The boom mic has noise-cancelling capabilities, which enables you to come through loud and clear to the person you’re talking to even when you are in the noisiest situations. The miniature ear bud on this headset makes the product comfortable to wear and unobtrusive when aesthetics are a must.

We want to help you get the best Kenwood earpiece for your two-way business radios, so we are happy to talk to you about any of our available products, including the KHS-8BL. Contact us today for more information, and you’ll find out why so many people trust TechWholesale for all their Kenwood two-way radio needs.


Compatible with Kenwood: NX-P1300AUK, NX-P1302AUK, NX-P1300NUK, NX-P1200AVK, NX-P1202AVK, NX-P1200NVK, NX-P1300ISNUK, NX-P1200ISNVK, TK-3000AUK Radios

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  • Compatible with Kenwood: TK-3230 TK-2400/3400/300, NX-P1200/P1300/240/340 radios
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