How to Improve Building and On-Site Security with Two-Way Radios

Handle unexpected events quickly and efficiently with a robust two-way radio system. Whether you're responsible for a high-security office building, a city hospital, a sports stadium or a movie theater, security is of paramount importance, and high performance walkie-talkies can keep personnel and security details informed and ready to act at a moment's notice.

Two-Way Radio Systems for Building Security Powerful walkie-talkies that operate at 4 or 5 watts can have coverage of up to 350,000 square feet outdoors and up to 30 floors indoors. Using a base station with an external antenna or a repeater can extend the range even further. Security-enhancing features of two-way radio systems include compact, lightweight units with earpieces that can be used to communicate discretely in public buildings such as restaurants, schools, office complexes and hospitals. A two-way radio system allows managers and supervisors to quickly notify particular groups of workers or the entire team at once, for fast and efficient handling of any type of situation. Features such as voice-inversion scramble settings keep conversations private.

Security Digital Radios - Flexibility and Power The new generation of digital radios gives even greater flexibility to react quickly to any suspicious activity. A 1-watt digital radio has the power of a 4-watt radio for increased signal range and increased energy efficiency for more than 14 hours of continuous call time on a single charge. Certain models are built to military specifications, making them resistant to water, dust, vibration and shock, adding to their reliability at critical times. With cell phone features like caller ID and text messaging, multiple channels and the ability to speak to individuals as well as specific groups or the entire team, they're ideal as security radios.

Two-Way Radio Security for Offices, Theaters, Hospitals, Stadiums and Schools Many types of businesses and organizations can improve their security and significantly reduce their emergency response time by using two-way radios. In high-security office buildings with multiple floors, powerful walkie-talkie systems can keep security guards and night patrolmen on the higher floors in touch with the property manager and front desk in the lobby at all times for fast action in the event of any suspicious activity or building emergencies. Movie theaters, multiplex theaters and family entertainment centers can keep their facilities secure by outfitting security personnel, managers and other employees with discrete two-way radios. Hotels can also benefit from the compact design of two-way radios for security, since they are able to alert and summon security staff immediately without alarming guests. Any disturbances can be handled quickly and quietly. A side benefit of having a radio security system is the possibility of lowered insurance premiums.

Hospitals must also be vigilant about security matters and other potential threats, for the safety of patients, doctors, nurses, administrators and other personnel. A radio system keeps everyone always connected and it stays operational even in an emergency situation when cell phone coverage might be compromised. It also allows them to be patched into other agencies such as the police, the fire department and other emergency crews. Two-way walkie-talkie units are critical to secure schools and college campuses that might be spread out over a large area. Advanced features of today's two-way radio systems include increased range and capacity, integrated applications such as location tracking and dispatch, improved voice quality and extended battery life. Equipping security personnel, teachers, staff, principals, custodians, maintenance crews, bus office drivers and even crossing guards helps to head off potential threats, from classrooms and school bus stops to crowded campus sports games. A radio security system keeps everyone informed and easily maintains heightened security for the safety and peace of mind of students, faculty and staff members.

Other businesses and facilities that can benefit from a two-way radio system for security include bars and restaurants, stadiums, race tracks, amusement parks and special event coordinators at festivals.