Games to Play With Kids Using Two-Way Radios

While two-way radios have a number of practical, adult uses, there's no reason why your kids can't also use them for a bit of fun. Just about all children are fascinated by two-way radios, and these devices always seem to inspire kids' imaginations. Here are just a few fun games to play with kids using Tech Wholesale's two-way radios.

  • Hide and seek. Give the age-old game a modern update by using two-way radios to upgrade your hiding (and seeking!). When one person goes to hide, the rest of the players can join forces to cover more ground by using two-way radios to communicate with one another. Instead of playing the game with an "every man for himself" mentality, using radios makes it so that the players can create a team and help one another to search for the hidden person. Radio the other players to let them know that you've already checked the garage, the basement or the closets and you can cover more ground - and find the hidden person much faster!
  • Hot and cold. To play this game, hide a token object somewhere around the house or the yard (small items like a baseball, a spatula or an action figure all make great options). Next, instruct the other players to search for the hidden item, all the while giving them hints by saying if they're "hot" or "cold". To make the game more mysterious and exciting, hide somewhere nearby and use two-way radios to tell the searchers if they're close to the item.
  • Scavenger hunt. Make your scavenger hunts much more fun by using two-way radios to give your kids clues. Once they find a hidden item, use your two-way radios to read them the clues that will lead them to the next item. Or, if you prefer to still use written clues, they can use the radios to ask questions or get hints about solving the riddle.