10 Everyday Uses for Two-Way Radios

Even if you're not particularly interested in the world of two-way radios, these long-used gadgets serve important purposes in many lives. From protecting families in case of emergency to helping groups of friends stick together in large crowds, there are many more uses for two-way radios than you might think. Here are just 10 everyday uses for two-way radios that you might have never considered before.

  • In case of a large-scale emergency, such as a bomb threat or a robbery, a two-way radio may be your only way of communicating with law enforcement. When catastrophic events happen, so many people attempt to use their cell phones that it often blocks the phone lines; in this case, two-way radios are much more effective in calling for help.
  • If you go on a family vacation to, say, a water park or amusement park, you might want to invest in two-way radios to help the family stay connected. Even if you lose cell phone signal, you'll still be able to find each other by using your radios.
  • For those who live on a farm or another large property, you may like to use two-way radios when doing yard work or work around the farm.
  • If you and some friends or family members are carpooling on a trip, use two-way radios to stay together. Even if you get separated, you won't have to use your cell phones to quickly find out the other car's location.
  • If you run a small business, using two-way radios is an efficient and affordable way to keep your entire staff in communication and on the same page.
  • If you have children, two-way radios can be a very fun way to keep them occupied - and amateur radio makes a great hobby once the kids get older, too! Invest in two or three two-way radios that your little ones can use while playing hide-and-seek or other outdoor games.
  • If you're an avid hiker or camper, carrying a two-way radio with you is a great way to stay safe out in the wilderness. Even if you're venturing out on a hike alone, you can stay safe knowing that you're always just a call away from safety.
  • Planning a large party? Two-way radios make it much easier to get everything organized in time for the big event. Keep in touch with the caterers, answer questions about the guest list or even stay in touch with the rest of the group in the case of a surprise party.
  • If you're leaving your children in the care of a nanny or babysitter, you may feel anxious about staying in touch when you're away. Instead of calling to check on them every hour, keep a walkie-talkie on hand so that you can quickly check in without too much effort.
  • In the wintertime, you may want to carry a two-way radio with you on your upcoming ski trips. If you get in a sticky situation or sustain an injury while on the mountain, you can easily call for help even when you're out of cell phone range.