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A Two-Way Business Radio Primer for Bigger Profits

Spend 5 minutes to learn absolutely every basic detail about two-way radios for business, and learn how using radios for your company's internal communications can improve your bottom line. Here's why these innovative business radios will pay for themselves after just a few months of use.

Advantages of Two-Way Business Radios

Whether your organization is small, medium-sized or large, there are many advantages of using two-way radios. There are various kinds of businesses and organizations that can greatly benefit from using two-way business radios. A restaurant can use a business radio system to allow for instant communication between wait staff, hosts and hostesses, kitchen staff and managers. Better communication improves efficiency, which leads to greater customer satisfaction and enhanced profitability. In a nursing home, radios for business keep staff connected and informed about their patients, for better care and a safer environment. Radio communications between security personnel enables a faster response to an intrusion or an accident. Safety, convenience, customer satisfaction and greater profit margin are just a few reasons to buy two-way business radios for your organization today!

VHF or UHF Business Radio?

Radios that use UHF frequencies are excellent for both indoors and outdoors. Inside, the signals can easily penetrate concrete and steel. They're also appropriate for outdoor use. VHF radios are best for exclusively outdoor use, since the signals will travel a greater distance if there are no obstructions. For this reason, VHF business radios are best in open areas and hilly regions.

Light-Duty, Medium-Duty or Heavy-Duty Radios for Business

When browsing Tech Wholesale's walkie-talkies, you can Shop by Usage. Radios are organized into Light-Duty Business Radios, Medium-Duty Business Radios and Heavy-Duty Business Radios.

Light-Duty Business Radios are frequently used in retail stores, restaurants, nursing homes, medical offices, schools, car dealerships, catering companies, hotels and dental offices. These easy-to-use two-way radios provide clear communications throughout your building, yet they're lightweight and compact.

Medium-Duty Business Radios are ideal for security companies, plumbers, electricians, construction companies and small farms. They're highly functional and easy to use like the light-duty radios, but have more advanced features such as increased coverage up to 250,000 square feet, multiple channels and hands-free voice activation. They are also more durable for rugged environments.

Heavy-Duty Business Radios offer the most advanced features and are extremely durable and reliable. These types of radios are used by hospitals, gold courses, multiple buildings and you'll also find them in military use. There are models that have up to 10 or 16 channels and 4 watts of power, operating on the UHF frequency band. These heavy-duty two-way radios are built to military specifications and made to withstand dust, rain, vibration and shock.

Tech Wholesale - Your Business Radio Experts
When you choose Tech Wholesale for your business radio purchase, you'll be joining corporate clients such as Borders Bookstores, 3M, Costco, Kodak, AT&T, Home Depot, Disney, Dell and NASA, just to name a few. Tech Wholesale doesn't just offer the best quality two-way business radios at the lowest prices. They also have the knowledge and expertise you need to make a smart decision for your organization. Their award-winning customer service team can answer any question that arises about your business radio system, and they give individual attention to every customer.

Boost your company's productivity, efficiency, profit and safety with these advanced communications systems from Tech Wholesale.