Benefits of using a Two Way Radio Base Station

Take a few minutes to learn how using a two-way radio base station can make workers more efficient, boost your radio system's range and greatly benefit your business communications. Having a stationed radio is more convenient for employees who work at their desks, in a fixed shop location or as part of a dispatch team, allowing them to connect with other workers elsewhere in the building or out in the field. A radio base station, used with an external antenna, can extend the range of your internal two-way radio system and give you a stronger signal, eliminating any interference from other radio users that are nearby on another channel. By using a two-way radio repeater, which receives radio signals and retransmits those signals, you can extend your radio system's range even further.

Radio Base Stations for Added Durability and Security For industrial areas where heavy equipment is being used or other locations that pose potential risks for hand-held units, two-way radio base stations are especially ideal. They are built to be more rugged than portable radios, and they're a smarter option for employees that work in a fixed location, since they cannot be lost and are less likely to be accidentally damaged. Workers who would find two-way radio base stations more convenient might include warehouse clerks, office receptionists and hotel front desk clerks. There are radio base stations that can be easily integrated with your company's existing stationary or portable radio system. Both VHF and UHF base stations are available. VHF stations are specially designed for outdoor use over wider open distances, while UHF walkie-talkie base stations are best for warehouses, office buildings and other indoor applications.

Two Way Radio Base Stations for Dispatch Companies that need to relay information from different locations back to a central command greatly benefit from using a two-way radio base station. The base station is stationary in a fixed location, while other users operate hand-held portable radios or mobile radios out in the field. For companies that dispatch workers, this type of setup is ideal. An external antenna can be used with a base station to boost the signal strength and range. Organizations of this kind include taxicab services spread out over a large metropolitan area, hospitals and ambulance drivers, utility workers, construction workers on remote job sites, electricians making service calls, tow truck companies, maintenance workers, catering companies and restaurants with delivery service.

In addition to dispatch companies, base stations for two-way radios can be used in large high-rise buildings and big industrial complexes to boost a weak signal so that all portions of the desired coverage area can be reached without any dead spots. They can also be used in areas where there is unusually high two-way radio usage and signal enhancement is required for clear communications. Using a two-way radio base station gives you a higher wattage output to transmit over a greater distance with a cleaner, more reliable signal.

A two-way radio base station can take the power of your existing company communications and boost it significantly, or it can be the starting point of a robust internal radio communications system, effectively linking all employees in your organization, wherever they are. At TechWholesale, we're not only looking out for our customers, but want to look out for the environment as well.