Advantages of Radio Communications in an Age of Heightened Security

Remember the Boy Scout motto: Be Prepared. With so many scary scenarios playing out on the world stage, we can't live in fear, but we can take important steps to keep ourselves protected and safe. There are different kinds of security to consider, including physical security for our communities and data security for our businesses. Two-way radios are important tools in handling both. There are many security advantages of radio communications over landlines and cell phones for emergency situations and for sensitive company transmissions. Spend a few minutes and learn what they are.

Two-Way Communication is Essential in an Emergency The better connected our emergency responders are to each other, the more equipped they are to handle an unexpected event. Radio communications, whether from handheld two-way radios or mobile radios in vehicles, enable communication between multiple points without the need for a hard-wired connection. This makes it an ideal medium for security personnel and emergency responders. The technology lets a security guard alert their entire team to any suspicious behavior so that further action can immediately be taken. It's a faster way to bring in backup than calling someone individually on a cell phone. Certain radio models are small and lightweight with available earpieces and microphones that enable discreet conversation. This makes it much easier for personnel to notify others on their security detail about a situation unfolding without alarming the public or alerting the perpetrator.

Add a Family Walkie-Talkie System to Your Household Emergency Kit If you're putting together a household emergency kit for your family, consider a personal walkie-talkie system. As we have seen in the past, during catastrophic emergencies cell phone towers can become overloaded, making cell phone use extremely difficult. Two-way radios operate on a closed circuit with others that are nearby on that frequency, so they are not dependent on cell phone coverage. Many family radio models include technology that minimizes interference from other users, so your family can enjoy clear communication.

Keep Business Communications Secure with a Two-Way Radio System Many business radios use voice-inversion scrambling technology and digital privacy codes to enhance the security of their transmissions. This makes two-way radios for business far less susceptible to eavesdropping than ordinary cell phone conversations. Digital radios using the latest innovations offer even greater security protection. Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (FHSS) technology enhances privacy for sensitive business communication. Digital radios also allow individual conversations in addition to broadcasting to an entire group. They have similar features to cell phones such as GPS and text messaging.

Maintain Security on Campus and in the Office with Repeaters and Call Boxes Keeping a university campus or office building safe and secure is becoming more of a challenge in these times of heightened security. However, radio communications provide an easy and cost-efficient way to enhance safety and security. With a base station and radio repeater, it is possible to increase the power of a handheld two-way radio system considerably to cover a large college campus, big industrial complex or high-rise office building. Security personnel with handheld devices can alert each other to any suspicious activity and request backup if needed.

In addition to well-equipped security details, call boxes that connect with all users on the two-way radio system can be installed in any building. When placed inside residence halls, student centers, cafeterias, sports buildings, arenas, public spaces in office buildings and factory floors, it gives employees, students and teachers a way to immediately contact security without having to pick up a telephone. At a time when cell phone service might be down due to overuse in an emergency, having call boxes available for public use can literally be life savers.