A Simple Guide to Using Walkie-Talkies at Events

Using walkie-talkies at events can help that special event run in a smooth, organized and professional manner. Whether it's a wedding reception, an industry trade show or a rock concert, instant communication between staff members and supervisors keeps everyone well-coordinated and up-to-date with the latest essential information. Here's how to get the most from your radios at an event.

Choosing the Best Two-Way Radios for Event Management

Is your event indoors in a large convention hall or outdoors in an open field? Yes, it makes a big difference in what kind of radio would be ideal for your environment. Indoors, UHF radios (such as the Motorola RDU4160D) are preferred, because their signal carries best around obstructions like glass, metal and concrete. Outdoors, VHF radios have the furthest range, but they don't carry as well through buildings or even around dense forests. For both indoor and outdoor use, choose a UHF model. If you have multiple groups of employees that need to stay connected, choose a model with multiple channels. For outdoor use, look at radios that meet MIL-STD-810 (like the Motorola RMU2080), as these are designed to be used in harsh environments.

Who Should Have a Two-Way Radio?

To decide exactly which employees need a handheld radio, take a close look at your operation. For smaller groups where staff is scattered over a large distance, it makes sense for everyone to have a radio. For larger companies such as an organization running a big festival, you can outfit each department with a radio, such as the box office supervisor, security chief, event organizer, concessions manager, VIP tent coordinator, main sound engineer, maintenance crew leader, etc.

Real-Life Examples of Radios at Special Events

A convention hall is hosting a large industry meeting of robotics engineers at their facility. There are various panels being held, floor demonstrations of the latest technology, on-site food stands and an awards ceremony. Each of these requires walkie-talkies to keep the entire operation running smoothly, attending to attendees' special needs and any emergency situations that arise. Elsewhere, there's a music festival in progress. Concertgoers must have bags checked and tickets scanned as they enter into the gated park. Band sound checks must go off without a hitch, and VIP tents must be well-stocked with food and drinks for musicians. Security must keep an eye on the crowd, both for unruly crowd members and for anyone who needs assistance. There are also food concessions, merchandise tables and possibly other activities going on simultaneously. In both types of events, two-way radios are important tools to keep everything orderly.

Helpful Accessories for Event Two-Way Radios

Some of the most useful two-way radio accessories for events are those that allow for discreet, clear communication in a noisy environment. Take a look at headset microphones and earpieces that can be used with walkie-talkies to improve clarity in the workplace, especially when that workplace happens to include large crowds of people and sound amplification. High-capacity batteries are another accessory that can be especially helpful for an event that runs for many hours. A belt holster can be used along with a headset microphone for maximum portability and comfortable use.

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