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Information - Ritron Liberty RLR-465-N Repeater

UHF - 5 Watt Repeater 

Place this repeater in a centralized location, and you can significantly extend the range that your portable radios will cover.

This repeater will work with the following radios:
- RDU4100
- RDU4160d
- CLP1010
- CLP1040
- CLP1060
- CLP1010e
- CLP1080e
(!!! This unit will not work with VHF radios)

The Liberty Repeater is the perfect wireless solution for on-site communication needs. Industrial plants, stores, schools, golf courses, and other "tough-to-cover" applications no longer need to suffer from the limitations common to all brands of portable two-way radios. When the antenna location is optimized for the area of operation, the Liberty Repeater provides rock solid communication from one radio to another, virtually eliminating shadowing, fading, and dead spots.

The Liberty Repeater is the perfect wireless solution for:
Golf Courses • Schools • Retail Stores • Nursing Homes • Shopping Malls Manufacturing Plants • Warehouses • Amusement Parks • Hospitals • Special Events

Rugged and compact, the Liberty repeater is a completely integrated wireless solution. The Liberty repeater is specifically designed "from the-ground-up" to be just that...an integrated, full duplex, PC programmable on-site repeater. Big in performance and features, yet small in size, the Liberty measures only 2.125"H x 8.0"W x 5.75"D. It's all-metal, powder coated, extruded aluminum housing provides durability and protection for the electronics and duplexer, while built-in mounting flanges make the Liberty easy to install.

Below is a description on range from Ritron:
The range you can expect is pretty tough to be able to estimate. It really depends greatly on the antenna placement, what antenna is used, how many feet of cable to the antenna, surrounding area (obstructions or otherwise). The closest thing I could call a “rule of thumb" would be to expect 1 mile of coverage for every watt of transmit power. That would be in optimum conditions with unobstructed line of sight. So if the repeater was truly putting out 5 watts at the antenna, 5 miles would be a reasonable expectation to start with. I hate to be vague, but it's just the nature of the technology. No hard and fast rules to apply with so many variables to consider.

A duplexer means the repeater can receive and transmit using different frequencies. The repeater has a built-in duplexer.

Customers will need one repeater per channel. If they are using 4 channels and they all need to be on a repeater they will need 4 repeaters.

The antenna and connector is required. Programming is a separate line item.

The best way to know where to put the repeater is to find the spot where the signal drops off, move in a little and mount the repeater there. The radios will hit the repeater and then shoot it out to give more coverage. Outdoors is very tricky, you need power and cover so it does not get wet. Indoors is much easier.

All installations are the responsibility of the customer. It really is plug and play. They will want to mount the antenna as high up as possible to get the best range.

    Product Specifications


  • Liberty RLR-465-N Repeater
  • Antenna RAM-1545
  • Repeater Connector 2100380
  • Factory Programming Fee RPT-FPFTR Extend the Range of Your UHF Handheld Radios!

    Additional Specifications

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