Motorola RLN6307 3 inch Spring Action Belt Clip


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  • Compatible with: RDX radios

Motorola RLN6307 3 inch Spring Action Belt Clip Product Information

Accessory for Motorola RDX Two-way Radios
Replacement 3Ó Spring Action Belt Clip Having your business walkie-talkies on your hip is a huge help when you need information in the moment. No fumbling for it in a pocket or bag, no figuring out where you set it down last. Clip your business radios to your belt and your connection to the rest of the team goes where you go anywhere on the job site, in the warehouse or on the sales floor. A 3" spring action belt clip ships with all of our two-way business radios, but when you want to simply replace the belt clip: we make it easy. We also ship your 3" spring action belt clip that same day when you order on a business day. Order your 3" spring action belt clip after hours and we'll ship it the following business day. Naturally, we use business walkie-talkies to keep our warehouses running smoothly and efficiently, so we know what it's like to reach for a walkie-talkie that's supposed to be there.
Compatible with: RDX radios