Motorola HKPN4007 CLP Multi-Unit Charging Tray For: CLP CLPe radios


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Motorola HKPN4007 CLP Multi-Unit Charging Tray For: CLP CLPe radios Product Information

Charge the entire fleet at once, saving energy, time and power outlets with the HKPN4007 Multi-Unit Charging Tray for Motorola CLP Radios.

. Elegantly designed just like the CLP radios themselves, the CLP multi-unit charging tray is built to charge up to 6 CLP radios while it neatly stores their corresponding earpieces in the tray's back pocket behind each radio. Everything charged and ready to go with all the bits right where you can find them! That's the extra bonus with the CLP multi-unit chargers. They offer the perfect solution for keeping your fleet of CLP radios in one spot.

No more racking your brain to remember where you put your radio and where in the heck did its earpiece get off to? They're in the CLP multi-unit charging tray! When space is at a premium (sound like an office you know?), the CLP multi-unit charging tray can be mounted to the wall to stay out of the clutter. Another big benefit is that you will no longer be battling your co-workers for available power outlets. All you need is one!