Motorola HKLN4509 Bluetooth Charging Cradle and Power Supply


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Information - Motorola HKLN4509 Bluetooth Charging Cradle and Power Supply

Bluetooth is a game-changer in the two-way radio universe. Ê

Tech Wholesale helps you harness the power of next generation technology for complete mobility with Motorola Bluetooth radios and accessories. The Motorola HKLN4509 Bluetooth charging cradle and power supply charges the "Pod" that controls your Bluetooth CLP1060 radio. With a fully-charged system, workers can easily move between job sites, branch offices and other locations and stay connected at all times without the hassle of microphone cords or earpiece wires. The CLP1060 two-way radio is designed to be compact, and the Bluetooth capability makes it even more sleek and portable. Our Motorola Bluetooth CLP1060 accessories such as this charging system will put your organization on the leading edge of business communications.

Note: The HKLN4513 microphone and HKLN4512 Pod are required to operate the CLP1060 radios.
Compatible with: CLP radios

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  • Compatible with: CLP radios
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