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*Hotel Radio

Tech Wholesale provides hotel radio communication devices with outstanding dependable service. Tech Wholesale is rated with the highest accolades by the four most respected rating services on the web today -, and Yahoo Shopping! With the commitment to the satisfaction of tens of thousands of customers who have ordered one set or multiple sets of hotel radio communication devices, Tech Wholesale has accumulated a vast number of unsolicited testimonials from current and past customers. The hotel radio suppliers offer the lowest prices to be found anywhere.

Tech Wholesale purchases millions of dollars of hotel radio communication devices each year from the most noted manufacturers in the world, and this buying power allows Tech Wholesale to deliver the best overall prices available. Brand new two-way hotel radio sets acquired direct from the manufacturers are offered for sale to the public at the same prices offered at wholesale level. When the two-way hotel radio sets are ordered by 1pm EST, Tech Wholesale can almost always ship to customers the same day because the facility carries a very large supply of every product listed in order to respond to the quantities required by the larger customers. Tech Wholesale's order processing is among the most sophisticated in the world and uses the latest SSL technology available. Customers' information is guaranteed to be 100 percent secure. Tech Wholesale is a staple supplier of two-way hotel radio sets to Fortune 500 companies, government agencies, military forces and universities across the country, and the same level of customer service is provided to each and every customer.

With the launch of Tech Wholesale in 1997, the company became the largest retailer of two-way hotel radio equipment for Motorola and Kenwood. The Motorola two-way hotel radio products provide customers with instant communication with all employees in hotels. The Motorola business hotel radio can mean a more efficient crew, and that projects get done right the first time. Simple features and a compact design make the XTN, GT, DTR, HP and M series hotel radio equipment very easy to use. Tech Wholesale reminds customers that there are never any monthly fees to budget for when using hotel radio sets and this may help reduce costs even more by maximizing hotel workers' efficiency.

Tech Wholesale's hotel radio sets from Motorola and/or Kenwood come with the radio, a rechargeable battery, a belt holster or belt clip, a user's manual and a stand-alone charging unit and AC adapter. Tech Wholesale offers high quality two-way hotel radio sets, which are built for years of service under varying conditions. Tech Wholesale's hotel radio sets give good signal penetration through walls and other normal obstructions in a business setting and can communicate from one end of the building to the other. Tech Wholesale reminds customers that when hotel radio two-way equipment uses a GMRS frequency, the cost of the GMRS license is just $80 for ten years and each individual hotel radio set user must be licensed or could be subject to fines and penalties by the FCC.