The Best Walkie Talkies for Cruises

Spend a few minutes to learn about the best cruise ship two-way radios for efficiency and happy customers. Cruise ships have many moving parts. All of them are essential for a smooth operation. A robust two-way radio system keeps ship supervisors, the deck crew, restaurant and bar staff, medical staff, security teams, bedroom stewards and many others connected at all times.

Cruise ships are spread out over a very large area, on multiple levels. The best walkie-talkies for cruises are those that are designed for multiple floors of a building, as that is essentially what a modern cruise ship is. It's a floating apartment complex! Top-of-the-line UHF radios from leading manufacturers, such as Motorola's RDU Series radios, give you the power you need for an indoor range of up to 30 floors. They also offer 10 or 16 channels, which enables cruise ship teams such as hospitality, engineering, deck crew, medical staff and security to each have their own channel. This way they can communicate only to their department or to all ship personnel.

Kenwood's TK-3400U16P and TK-3402U16P models feature 16 channels and are also able to reach many floors. All of these radios are built extremely tough to military standards, so they can stand up to challenging weather conditions. This type of durability and reliability are essential when you're on the high seas!