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Restaurant Radio

Many businesses know that when it concerns top quality communications by means of portable two-way radios, Tech Wholesale is the leading supplier, and now you have even more convenience of investing in top quality name brand radios all in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you seek the best in portable two-way radios for a construction site, or a restaurant radio to keep in touch with your chefs' waiters or back room staff, we have the right models, from pocket sizes to industrial handheld. Look though our Kenwood and Motorola equipment for portable radios for recreational use, or communications for farms, large facilities or security purposes. If you were looking for a to manage your staff, we offer a selection of sensational portable radios from belt clip-on models to pocket size.

Tech Wholesale offers you top value for money in a radio, which is suitable for large restaurants and hotel dining rooms that cater for large crowds. It is difficult to manage everyone simultaneously, and this is where radios are a very useful tool. Managers can stay in touch with everyone at a click of the button from receiving yards to the chef in the kitchen. Cellular phones are also useful, though impractical, because of interference, and also naturally expensive considering the high cost of calls. In some areas, coverage may also be a problem so you will definitely agree that two-way portable radios are far better.

New technology designed by the well-known Kenwood manufacturer and Motorola provide you with communications that is crystal clear, and also at extended distances, unlike models of the past. Long life batteries offer extended use as well, and you can invest in stand up chargers that automatically keep your walkie talkies powered up. For restaurant radio models, you can also add accessories like discreet headsets attached to the radios hidden on staff belts, or under uniforms. Your radios will improve efficiency in more ways than one, and you will always have your finger on the pulse of what your staff is up to at any given time.

Take time to browse our website and have a look at the dozens of different models we have available from two-way radios that are great for recreation for families and friends on vacations or camping trips, to restaurant radio and business equipment. You will certainly be thrilled at the special offers we have on selected models and brand names. Add even more savings to your equipment with free shipping, and stand up chargers where applicable while stocks last. There is no need to struggle to keep in touch again considering the lightweight, durable and user-friendly portable two-way radios that are now available on the market today.