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Information - Motorola Defy Satellite Link

No mobile coverage? No problem. Upgrade your smartphone with the Motorola Defy Satellite Link, a Bluetooth accessory that transforms your device into a satellite-enabled messenger. Ideal for remote workplaces, signal blackspots, or anyone tired of inconsistent reception.

Features - Brief Overview

  • 2-Way Satellite Messaging: Stay connected even when cell signal is lost.
  • SOS Emergency Button: Ensure safety with reliable emergency assistance.
  • Check-In Feature: Share coordinates or messages for peace of mind.
  • Compatibility: Works with iOS 14 and Android 10 and later smartphones.
  • IP68 Rating: Dustproof and waterproof up to nearly 5 ft. for 30 min.
  • Battery Life: 600 mAh Li-Po provides up to 4 days of standby power.
  • Webbing Strap: Convenient D-ring attachment for portability.
  • Service Coverage: Works up to 75 miles off-shore; current service areas include Continental U.S., Canada, and Europe.

Upgrade your connectivity. Motorola Defy Satellite Link keeps you connected wherever work or adventure takes you.

Subscription Plans

Bullitt Satellite Messenger Plans

  • SOS Satellite Assist Only - $4.99/month
  • Everyday Messaging (up to 80 messages per month) - $9.99/month
  • Premium Messaging (up to 300 messages per month) - $29.99/month
  • Freedom (up to 250 messages per year) - $59.99 one off annual payment

Why Choose the Motorola Defy Satellite Link?

A groundbreaking Bluetooth accessory designed to redefine your smartphone experience. When the world around you fades into a communication void, defy the limits with this innovative device. Perfect for those who navigate remote terrains, face signal blackspots, or simply desire consistent connectivity, the Defy Satellite Link ensures you're never truly off the grid.

Safety Beyond Boundaries

The Defy Satellite Link is not just an accessory; it's your lifeline in the great unknown. Equipped with advanced 2-way satellite messaging, it keeps you in touch with colleagues, friends, and family, ensuring that important communications never go unheard. The inclusion of a reliable SOS emergency button adds an extra layer of safety, offering peace of mind in critical situations.

Effortless Check-Ins

For the explorer who wants to share their journey without the fuss, the check-in feature is a game-changer. A simple press of a button allows you to send your coordinates or a reassuring message to loved ones back home. In the vast wilderness or on the edge of the map, the Defy Satellite Link becomes your reliable messenger, bridging the gap between adventure and connection.

Built for the Adventurous Spirit

The rugged design of the Defy Satellite Link ensures it can withstand the elements. With an IP68 rating, it is dustproof and waterproof, ready to endure challenging conditions. The 600 mAh Li-Po battery provides up to 4 days of standby power, ensuring that your lifeline stays active when you need it most.

Seamless Integration

Compatible with iOS 14 and Android 10 and later smartphones, the Defy Satellite Link seamlessly integrates into your existing tech ecosystem. The webbing strap with D-ring attachment adds convenience, allowing you to carry it with ease on your journeys.

Service Coverage You Can Rely On

The Defy Satellite Link operates up to 75 miles off-shore and currently covers the Continental U.S., Canada, and Europe, with plans to include Alaska by 2024. A one-year SOS service and essential service plan are included, ensuring that your messaging needs are met without additional activation fees.


Dimensions: 70 x 50 x 11mm
Weight: 70g
Physical Keys: Power key, SOS key
and Check In

Ingress Protection: Ingress Protection (IP68)
Drop tested on to steel
Resistant to vibration: Category 4 Resistant to humidity and salt mist
Thermal shock: handles low to high temperature differences between -30°C (-22°F) to 55°C (131°F) for up to 24 hours

Capacity: 600mAh
Charger: USB Charging
Type: Non-removable Lithium polymer

Satellite Enabled
Advanced two-way satellite messaging
Location sharing
SOS assistance
Bands/ Network: Satellite: 23/255/256
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.1

Positioning: GPS, Glonass, Galileo, Beidou
Audio: Buzzer
Lanyard: Pre-attached
Support: Check In and trigger SOS
without phone connection

1 Various temperatures and time-cycles tested
2 Local coverage dependent



MDSL is an acronym for (Motorola Defy Satellite Link)

Unboxing / how-to videos

Which show how to get your device up and running


The Bullitt Satellite Connect service uses GEO stationary satellites. Detailed satellite coverage availability. The service area includes the Continental U.S. (lower 48 states), the UK, and Europe. Canada and Alaska will be available by September 2023.

Can I use the service anywhere in the world?

In some areas where geopolitically, it is not easy to arrange coverage. These include China, India, Iran,

North Korea, Russia, and Saudi Arabia. Also, neither of the Earth's Poles has coverage. This is due to the Satellites orbiting above the equator.

Coverage in Antarctica?

No, neither of the Earth's Poles has coverage.

How far offshore will MDSL work? 

Up to 75 miles offshore in coverage map areas.

Can Satellite Messenger be used while traveling to another country?

Yes, if that country is covered by our coverage map. Always check the coverage map:

Are there any extra charges when roaming between satellite zones?

Bullitt Satellite Messenger is an international product that allows you access to the satellite network whenever you are in one of our coverage areas. We will never charge extra for roaming between these zones.

What Satellites does the BULLITT satellite messenger service use?

  • Using GEO Stationary satellites enables Bullitt to provide stable international coverage. A user does not have to change their existing behavior, and you are generally stationary when you message; using an LEO-connected device, you must follow the Satellite to maintain a signal. GEO- connected devices also provide faster access; latency is ~10 seconds compared to ~15-120 seconds for LEO services.
  • We can connect to several geo-satellite constellations, including Inmarsat, EchoStar, and others.
  • It takes approx. 500 milliseconds to bounce a message to the satellites and back to the ground station. Any transmission is then translated into the IP network, ensuring that overall latency is ~10 seconds compared to ~15-120 seconds for LEO services.
    There are more LEO satellites, but that is the only way they can get coverage. GEO satellites are positioned above the equator and effectively orbit the Earth at the same speed as the Earth rotates. Effectively they appear stationary in the sky, easier to locate and communicate with.

How does the device work on a mountain with no southern sky view?

  • You must have a clear view of the sky for the service to be reliable. We have tested the service in light foliage and a moving car on top of and at the base of the mountains.
  • In-building coverage is more problematic using modern construction techniques, which means the connection will be less reliable and depends on the Satellite line of sight.

Subscription Plans

Bullitt Satellite Messenger Plans

  • SOS Satellite Assist Only - $4.99/month
  • Everyday Messaging (up to 80 messages per month) - $9.99/month
  • Premium Messaging (up to 300 messages per month) - $29.99/month
  • Freedom (up to 250 messages per year) - $59.99 one off annual payment


Location tracking feature is coming 2nd half of 2023. Predefined contacts assigned will receive updates of tracking intervals via URL portal with charted progress on Google Maps. You will be able to set duration and frequency of location tracking. The tracking feature will be additional cost TBD.

Getting Started

The Basics

  • Your Motorola Defy Satellite Link lets you send and receive messages over Satellite using a compatible smartphone. You will need to download the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app from the Google Play store or Apple app store and then connect this device to your phone via Bluetooth through the app.
  • The Bullitt Satellite Messenger app allows you to send and receive messages, use features such as SOS, and check in on your Motorola Defy Satellite Link device over Satellite. You will need an active satellite subscription and have the satellite link connected to your phone via Bluetooth. Testing the app and connecting to a satellite before you head out on your trip is recommended.
  • You can also send and receive messages via Wi-Fi or cellular data using the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app at no additional cost; if sending messages via a cellular connection, a small amount of your data plan will be consumed. If you do not have a Bullitt Satellite Messenger plan subscription, the app can still communicate with other app users using a standard internet connection.
  • For your MDSL to send and receive messages over the satellite network, it must have a clear sky view. Avoid tall buildings and dense tree cover. If the MDSL cannot connect, it will continue attempting to send the messages until it can connect with satellites. 

Account setup

Motorola Defy Satellite Link & Bullitt Satellite Messenger FAQ

  • Go to or scan the QR code in the box to create your free Bullitt Satellite Messenger account.
  • Input the mobile number that you wish to use with Bullitt Satellite Messenger.
    A verification code will be sent to your designated number to confirm ownership.
  • Complete the on-screen prompts to create your account.
  • You can now use the telephone number and password created at sign-up to log in to the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app.

Registering your device and choosing a satellite messenger plan

  • Enter the code printed on the insert inside your product's original packaging and select a plan from the satellite service packages displayed on the screen.
    Complete checkout by entering your billing address, contact details, and payment method.
    NOTE: A valid payment method is required to qualify for any free trial period displayed.
  • After completing the above, your device is registered and ready to use on the Bullitt Satellite Connect network. It may take up to 1 hour for your satellite SIM to be activated.

Pairing to your phone

  • To pair your MDSL to your phone, turn on the device by holding the power button for 3 seconds. The device will vibrate, and the power LED will flash blue. Once powered on, tap the power button again to enter pairing mode. The blue light will flash quickly when ready to pair with your phone. The device will stay in pairing mode for 1 minute.

  • Open the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app on your phone, press at the top of the main screen, then select Pair against Motorola Defy Satellite Link.
    Once paired, select Link and follow the instructions to set a contact for your Check-In messages.
    NOTE: After the initial pairing, your device will automatically pair to your phone every time you turn it on (if Bluetooth is enabled on your phone).

Connecting to Satellite

Your Motorola Defy Satellite Link can send and receive text-based messages via the Bullitt Satellite Messaging app without a Cellular or Wi-Fi network. To use the service, you must have an active subscription and available data credit (Text messages).

  • To connect to a satellite, you must be outdoors with a clear sky view in an area without cellular or Wi-Fi coverage.
  • From the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app, tap the green Bluetooth icon at the top of the screen. This will show you the status of your device. Your device should connect to the Satellite after about 90 seconds but can take up to 2 minutes. If the orange is displayed and the orange text (highlighted in the picture below), you will not connect to the Satellite. Move the position of your satellite link until these disappear. When connected to the Satellite, the status will change at the top of the screen. Tap the satellite icon on the top right of the screen.
    NOTE: To optimize your satellite connection, it is recommended to face your satellite link in the general direction of the Satellite. Typically, in the northern hemisphere, these are in a southerly direction. In the southern hemisphere, you should try to face northernly.

Messages and Check-in’s

How do I send a location or Check-In?

  • Check-In allows you to send pre-defined messages and your location to a selected contact quickly via a command in the app. To use this, first, you must choose a recipient to send these messages to. o IntheBullittSatelliteMessengerapp:
    • Checking in
    • I’m here
    • Come and meet me here
    • Please pick me up
    • No message (Location only)
    • Tap > Settings > Check-In
    • Add Contact
    • Choose the message that you would like automatically sent as a Check-In message from the pre-configured options:

How do I share my location without writing a message?

  • Begin composing a message and tap the location icon on the left of the message bar to add your current location to the message. You can send the location with no message, should you wish. 17. Sending a message via Bullitt Satellite Messenger
  • Tap the message icon to begin composing a message.
  • Select the plus icon and choose the contact to whom you wish to send the message – the person has to be saved in your phone as a contact.
    You can include your location in your message by selecting the location icon to the left of the messaging composition bar.
  • Messages are limited to 140 characters. As you type your message, you will see the circle around the send icon (envelope when on an IP connection, Rocket when on a satellite connection). Slowly fill the circle as you type more characters. If you exceed the limit, it will turn red, as will the characters in your message which go over the limit.

    • Messages can be sent via Wi-Fi or cellular data without a paid subscription. If you have a paid subscription, messages sent via Wi-Fi or cellular data are free, and do not use your account quota.
    • If a message is sent from Bullitt Satellite Messenger to a phone number that does not have the app or an account, the receiver will get an SMS containing the original message and a link to download the app to respond. If they wish to respond to the message, it must be done via downloading the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app from the iOS or Google app stores.
    • The app is free to download. You do not need a subscription to send a reply, as the subscription covers the cost of the message received over Satellite.
  • Messages sent via Satellite will have a small orange triangle in the corner of the message.

    • When on cellular or Wi-Fi, a single tick by the message indicates it has been sent, two grey ticks means it has been sent and delivered, and 2 blue ticks suggest it has been sent, delivered, and read.
    • When messaging over Satellite only, a single tick by the message indicates it has been sent. You will not receive the double tick delivered indication over Satellite unless you have adjusted your settings to allow read receipts, as delivery receipts via Satellite will cost 50 bytes of your data allowance. You will never get the two blue read ticks until you return to a cellular or Wi-Fi connection
    • Within the messaging conversation, the following icons will appear:

SOS Assistance

Sending an SOS - An SOS can be sent in two ways:

  1. Press and hold the orange physical key on the side for five (5) seconds.
  2. Tap the SOS button in the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app and hold the big SOS icon displayed on the screen for three (3) seconds.

NOTE: SOS alerts can only be sent over Satellite.

The SOS response center will be notified that you need assistance together with your location. After this, you will be prompted to answer a series of questions that will give the response center more context on your situation. If you cannot complete these, your SOS alert will still be responded to. The response center will try to engage in a two-way chat to gather more information on your situation. Again, if you cannot reply to these, the response center will still manage your SOS alert (Focus Point International).

Canceling an SOS
If you have accidentally sent an SOS message, it is possible to cancel this by pressing and holding the orange button for 5 seconds on the side of the device, or through the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app by pressing X.

What does the SOS feature do?

  • The SOS feature transmits an alert signal directly to a global response center (Focus Point International), which may subsequently notify the relevant emergency responders, such as local law enforcement agencies, highway patrol, the Coast Guard, or search and rescue teams, based on your GPS location and personal information and specific emergency issue.

Canceling an SOS

Suppose you have accidentally sent an SOS message. In that case, it is possible to cancel this by pressing and holding the orange button for 5 seconds or through the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app by pressing X.
The utilization of the SOS feature should be reserved solely for critical, life-threatening circumstances. Activation of this feature transmits an alert signal directly to a global response center, which may notify relevant emergency responders, such as local law enforcement agencies, highway patrol, the Coast Guard, or search and rescue teams, based on your GPS location and personal information.


Who responds to my SOS alert?

  • We pride ourselves on a solid partnership with our 24/7 emergency response center, Focus Point International.
  • Focus Point is an international assistance company that delivers an integrated suite of health, security, and incident response services through information, technology, and people.
  • In the event an SOS alert is raised, your response will be handled by an emergency response center managed by Focus Point International.

Is SOS always available with my paid plan?

  • When you activate any Bullitt Satellite Messenger plan, SOS is included automatically on your account. This provides you with a global 24/7 monitored emergency response center. In the event an SOS is activated, our SOS service will be immediately notified and will provide assistance.
    To raise an SOS over Satellite, you must be in a region with coverage. For more information, please see Do I have satellite coverage in my region? If you use the Bullitt Satellite Messenger service with an internet connection, you can raise an SOS regardless of location.
    The primary coverage does not provide any insurance or cover any costs incurred from an SOS activation. Please subscribe to our Focus Point International Overwatch and Rescue premium add-on for added protection.

Satellite Messaging

Why can't I press the send button?

  • The send button indicator is a Rocket on a satellite connection and an envelope on Wi-Fi or cellular. If you have no connectivity options, the icons will be grey, and you cannot send a message.

I can’t connect to the Satellite

  • Make sure:
    • You have an active subscription with adequate data (text messages available)
    • You are outside with a clear view of the sky.
    • You have activated the app and pressed the satellite icon to connect. It can take up to 2 minutes to establish a connection, and the satellite icon will turn green once the connection is established.

Can I delete sent or received messages?

Yes. All messages can be managed within the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app - individual sent or received messages and the entire conversation.

Why does the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app change color?

  • The background color is orange when the app is connected via Wi-Fi or cellular. The background color is blue when the app is connected via Satellite or satellite-only mode.

How can I check my message usage and remaining plan allowance?

Your subscription details are always available within your Bullitt Satellite Messenger app profile. Displayed as a percentage of data remaining from your current subscription and when that allowance expires. If you use all your data early and require more, you can upgrade your subscription package or buy an add-on, all within the manage subscription area of your profile within the app. Alternatively, you can log in at

How fast is the sending/receiving of messages over the Bullitt app?

It depends on how strong your satellite connection is, which in turn depends on whether you are in a built-up area or if any buildings or topographical details are blocking your view of the sky. Typically, with a good connection, it is around 30 seconds. Depending on where you are located, we can connect to several geo-satellite constellations, including Inmarsat, EchoStar, and others.

What happens if I am out of data and need to use the service?

The primary purpose of Bullitt Satellite Messenger is to ensure you can always be in contact with your family, friends, or colleagues. If you go over your subscribed allowance, we will allow you to continue to use the service. Bolt-on and overage packages will be available within the app soon.

Do received messages deduct from my plan allowance?

Yes, all messages sent over Satellite are taken from your subscription plan, no matter how the recipient receives it, whether that's over IP or Satellite. If you receive a reply over Satellite, that data is also taken from your subscription plan.

Why do I have to use your messaging app?

  • To overcome the bandwidth limitations of satellite communications, we have built the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app. It’s free to download from the Apple and Google app stores.
    The app enables two-way messaging with emojis, providing both users have the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app. If one user doesn’t have the app, they will receive their message via SMS along with a link to download the app should they wish to reply. The app also includes SOS alerts and emergency triage with additional features such as tracking arriving later in 2023.
  • Existing messaging apps are media and content-rich, with GIFs, pictures, and videos. While satellite connectivity is always available, it is limited in capacity due to the size of constellations currently up in the sky. No existing app can communicate via Satellite; Bullitt has done the bespoke development. The future roadmap includes integrating other apps that make sense to the Bullitt proposition, such as Strava, WhatsApp, and more.

Is the Bullitt Satellite Messenger Service safe/secure?

Yes, the radio link between the Satellite and the devices is encrypted end-to-end as per the latest 3GPP standards, the same level of security utilized by the terrestrial networks. Also, the service operates in extremely narrow frequency channels (3.75 kHz), which allows devices to operate at low power levels and makes signals harder to detect. Bullitt Satellite Messenger does not share channels with any other service and is, therefore, free of interference. These channels are dedicated and licensed exclusively for satellite communications globally.

Is the data held securely?

  • All our servers are secured using the industry standard AES-256 encryption algorithm, the same encryption method adopted by banks and financial service providers globally.
  • Messaging servers can only be accessed when meeting our stringent security protocols, including Nginx Reverse Proxy and a unique IP-based security feature that ensures database tables and customer data are always secure.
  • End user login to the messaging application is secured via an IAM service utilizing JSON web token security.

Can you send a message to other satellite messenger services?

No, both parties must have the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app. 26. Operating the satellite link without a Bluetooth connection

  • Following the initial pairing, linking, and account setup, the Motorola Defy Satellite Link can be used without connecting to your phone (unpaired mode). The following features are supported in unpaired mode when connected to the Satellite:
    • First, define the check-in contact using the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app while the device is paired to the phone. Check-ins can be triggered every 90 seconds using the check-in button. Check-ins will be blocked if you attempt to send multiples within 90 seconds of each other.
    • The MDSL can send an SOS message, but you must use the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app to exchange messages with the response center. If you trigger an SOS in this situation, then the location of your device will be sent to the response center. It is recommended that you stay in this position as this is where help will be sent.
    • The MDSL will continue to receive messages while connected to the Satellite. These will be shown in the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app the next time you connect to your phone. The check-in LED will flash green once every 10 seconds to indicate that a message has been received in unpaired mode.
    • The MDSL will continue to receive messages in unpaired mode until the message buffer is full, indicated by the power LED flashing orange. Please connect to the Bullitt Satellite Messenger app to allow the messages to be transferred to your phone.
    • Sending check-ins using the check-in button
    • Sending SOS requests using the SOS button
    • Receiving messages

Message allowance
The number of monthly messages you can send and receive via Satellite will depend on your subscription. In all cases, the number of messages quoted is the maximum allowed. Depending on the length of your messages, your monthly total may be less than that quoted. You can monitor your allocation through the PROFILE menu.

Operating temperature

Keep the ambient temperature between 0°C and 40°C while the MDSL is being charged. Keep the ambient temperature between -25°C to 55°C by using the MDSL powered by a battery. Please wear protective gloves while using MDSL outside the range of 0°C to +45°C.


  • 600 mAh non-removable
  • 4 days of standby power with several check-ins and text messages per day. Times will vary depending on usage connectivity.
  • Charging from 0% to 100% takes approximately 1.5 hours. 

    Product Specifications

  • Unlimited SOS assistance (via Focus Point International) with any plan (Only device with two-way texting)
  • True Two-Way text messaging over satellite
  • Ultra-rugged MIL-STD 810H design that is compact and lightweight and waterproof
  • Universal Bluetooth accessory with any Android or Apple iPhone
  • Lowest-cost hardware with service in the industry


  • This product ships with the essential service plan bundled in with the cost (30 messages per month for the first twelve months at no cost)
  • 1 Year Warranty

    Additional Specifications

  • SPECIAL PROMOTION - All US customers buying a Motorola Defy Satellite link will receive the Premium Service FREE OF CHARGE* until September 30th.
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