A Must-Have Guide to Two-Way Radio Accessories

Using a two-way radio opens up a whole new world of communication possibilities for its users, and the range of accessories for two-way radios available at TechWholesale can make the experience even more exceptional.

Get the most out of your DLR digital two-way radio with a high-capacity 12-hour lithium battery that provides up to 12 hours of continuous use. Swivel earpieces are durable and comfortable, made for all-day use on business radios and designed with flip construction so that you can switch ears and stay comfortable through a long day of radio communication. Use your speaker without using your hands with a remote speaker microphone that clips to your shoulder and positions the speaker directly below the ear so it is unobtrusive, easy to use and functional.

Accessories can Add Functionality

If you have a whole team full of two-way radio users, a multi-unit charger consolidates the process of charging several units to just one outlet. Charge the whole radio, or just the lithium ion batteries. Stay connected without sacrificing safety with a lightweight temple transducer that can fit inside a hardhat or a helmet and converts audio to vibrations that get transmitted through the bones in your temple to your inner ear. This enables the user to hear the voice on the other end without blocking out the important sounds in a warehouse or work environment that are so critical to staying safe.

Keeping Your Two Way Radio At-the-Ready

Keep an RDX walkie-talkie on your hip with a spring action belt clip that attaches right to your belt, making it easy to reach for without having to fumble around. Protect your two-way radio with a hard leather carry case that is durable and convenient, snapping right to a belt or uniform and providing insulation to keep the phone safe from the dangers of the day on the sales floor or in a warehouse or factory.

Stubby UHF antennas for 4-watt RDX two-way radios are wearable throughout the day and are easy to install when replacing the longer and less convenient stock antenna that came with the radio. A headset with a boom mic enables users to keep their hands free while staying connected, comfortable and in communication with whomever they need to be.