Digital Motorola DLR radios

Motorola Digital DLR Radios Revolutionize How Companies Do Business

Be one of the early-adopting organizations taking full advantage of today's digital communication technologies. Better internal communication means a smoother-running business and increased profit. Digital business radios let teams communicate securely and reliably to keep everyone fully informed, on track and at the height of their game. At the forefront of the digital radio revolution are newly introduced Motorola DLR Series Digital Radios, which are sleekly designed, lightweight and loaded with advanced features.

Digital Radios: A Smart Solution to Real-Life Business Challenges

With a reliable, state-of-the-art two-way digital radio system, restaurant staff can alert the host or hostess that a table is ready for faster turnaround and better service. A retail clerk can notify their manager of an out-of-stock product or a problem on the floor. A construction supervisor can immediately relate new client specifications to a crew that's on-site, keeping a project on time and within budget. A concert security crew member in a large stadium can immediately notify the rest of his security team when he notices a suspicious individual. Clear communication improves a company's bottom line, keeps the public safe and keeps personnel fully informed, instantly.

The Digital Radio Difference

Digital two-way radios cover a wider range than standard radio systems. Unlike analog radios, the signal remains sharp and crystal clear to the very edge of the coverage area, with no static or interference. There is no FCC license required to operate digital business radios, so you'll save money on frequency and radio licensing fees. You'll also save valuable time in not having to deal with regulatory paperwork. A digital radio system combines the convenience and flexibility of a cell phone with the multi-user power of a walkie-talkie. You can privately communicate with individuals, talk to a distinct group on a single channel or speak to all users at once.

The Motorola DLR1020 and Motorola DLR1060

The Motorola DLR1020 and DLR1060 digital two-way radios boast an outdoor range of 2 miles and an indoor range of 300,000 square feet. These license-free digital business radios offer maximum communication flexibility with 4 calling options.

Private Reply - Speak privately to a person communicating with a group after the radio transmission ends, without having to call them on an extension or cell phone.

Direct Call - Call another user privately. This must be pre-programmed and can be assigned to the radio's top button or assigned to a particular channel. Different direct calls can be set up on multiple channels. Use this to replace regular telephone communications for significant cost and time savings.

Call All Available - Communicate with everyone on all channels who is not currently on a call. This allows a supervisor or employee to relate vital information to everyone in the organization.

Page All Available - Contact all available radio users at once with a 1-way group voice announcement. This is useful for locating a particular employee or when asking for information or assistance.

Other advanced features of the DLR1020 and DLR1060 digital radios include Computer Programmable Software (CPS) to personalize radio settings, an easy-to-navigate advanced configuration menu with voice prompts and a long battery life of up to 14 hours. The DLR1020 is a 2-channel digital radio, while the DRL1060 model has 6 channels for larger organizations that have multiple groups of personnel.

Rugged Enough for Military Use

The DLR Series radios from Motorola are built to stringent Military Specifications 810 C, D, E, F and G, which tests the radio's resistance to vibration, shock, dust and extreme temperatures. The radio's housing is made from antimicrobial polycarbonate to withstand harsh operating environments.

Tech Wholesale gives you the information and expertise you need to choose the perfect two-way radio system for your company. Read more about the Motorola DLR1020 and their DLR1060 model and take advantage of the low price and free shipping offered. With the power of Motorola's digital radios, your team will be ahead of the technology curve and ready to meet any business challenge.