Walkie Talkies for Black Friday

With Black Friday approaching, it’s the time of the year for prime holiday shopping — and things can get chaotic. Families often split up to cover as much ground as possible, whether in shopping malls or large department stores. Products literally fly off the shelves. Group mall shoppers should make a plan on how to negotiate visiting different stores to ensure they have everything needed for the holidays. Store owners should also prepare security and management to ensure operations run smoothly. Excellent communication is not only recommended on Black Friday, but it is necessary. It can be facilitated by a reliable two-way radio system.


Here are 4 reasons why both shoppers and retailers should consider purchasing two-way radios in preparation for Black Friday:

1. Proper, reliable communication Families that go shopping together know how easy it is to get lost, buy the wrong items or spend all day trying to find their preferred brands. If everyone is equipped with a radio, it will be easy to track everything you need and make sure that everyone leaves the store together.

2. For enhanced safety Robbery, threatening behavior, and shoplifting are commonplace in a retail environment. This makes security officials on high alert during Black Friday, when every shopper is in a hurry. In frenzied circumstances, it is possible for even the most professional security official to err in judgment. Two-way radios are the perfect tool to purchase for your security team to ensure consultation is had to determine a true threat versus a false alarm. With the touch of a button, a person manning one doorway can ask for a second opinion from a colleague who might be closer to suspicious activity. Two-way radios can also help locate shoplifters before they can exit the store. Discreetly alerting a guard close by can help apprehend shoplifters.

3. Better voice quality In the hustle and bustle of shopping malls on Black Friday, security needs digital radios. These are more effective than analog radios, which lack the error-correction software to guarantee clean connections within high ranges. On such a busy shopping day, a strong radio would help staff patrolling the perimeter.

4. Enhanced privacy Modern digital radios utilize privacy codes to offer proper security for users. If you are trying to have a private conversation with a different user, simply switch to another channel.

When purchasing a two-way radio system, consider this:

Size/Weight – Nobody wants to lug around a heavy radio at the mall while shopping. Light duty two-way radios are a great option for shoppers, while security may opt for a heavy duty option. Battery life – While you should invest in a light duty radio for Black Friday, don’t forget to check the battery life. Choose a radio that supports a battery charger or one with a long battery life. Range – The biggest worry during Black Friday shopping is getting separated in crowded malls. Low-powered two-way radios may fall out of range, so make sure to consider a more powerful radio that provides excellent coverage in large malls.

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