Radio Communication Christmas Gift Ideas

Excite, inspire and bring family and friends closer together with a very special gift this holiday season - the gift of communication! Two-way radios are not just a fun hobby for all ages. They're also a wonderful way to keep in close contact with loved ones while on exciting adventures or during hectic daily outings such as dropping the kids off to their various activities or while shopping at the local mall. They're easy to use, and your children will feel like they're on an important mission, even if it's only to buy groceries for dinner.

Two-Way Radios: Advantages Over Cell Phones There are several important advantages of walkie-talkies over cell phones. Perhaps most importantly, if you're hiking or camping in a remote location or anywhere that has spotty or non-existent cell phone service, you can still stay in touch with family members and friends. This is very helpful if you're hiking on various trails, skiing down different slopes of a ski resort or if you accidentally get separated at a giant theme park. Whether it's to plan where you're going to have dinner or coordinate a meeting place and especially if something unexpected happens, to have immediate contact with two-way radios is invaluable. Another great benefit of two-way radios is that if you purchase radios that use the FRS (Family Radio Service) band, you do not have to pay for an FCC license to operate them. The absence of license fees and cell phone charges will save you a lot of money, especially if you and your friends or certain family members like to talk a lot!

Family Walkie-Talkies Make Great Holiday Gifts For younger children, walkie-talkies are often much easier to use than cell phones. They're also built tough, with certain models intended for outdoor use. This also makes them especially child-friendly. Another big plus with certain two-way radio models is the addition of NOAA weather channels. These special radio channels broadcast local weather forecasts and also give notification of emergency situations. With family walkie-talkies, they are often available as sets of radios, and since they don't require a license, you can get up and running immediately. Think of how much fun that'll be for you and the kids on Christmas morning! But these are not just toys - they're extremely valuable tools, and can be an important part of your family's household emergency kit, in case of a bad storm or a power outage. Accessories such as holsters and lightweight earpieces allow for active movement while keeping in touch.

Radio Accessories Are the Perfect Stocking Stuffers For those who already use two-way radios, high-quality accessories make thoughtful gifts and perfect stocking stuffers for the holiday season. Does your walkie-talkie enthusiast enjoy skiing with friends? Get them a lightweight microphone and earpiece, so they can be extra stylish and quick on the slopes. Those who take part in group activities such as paintball will appreciate a multi-unit charger to help keep the entire team fully charged and ready at all times.

Shopping at Tech Wholesale for your holiday gifts is fast, fun and easy. You can browse our recommended personal two-way radios by activity and find authentic Motorola and Kenwood radio accessories by radio model. We take the guesswork out of buying Christmas gifts, so you can spend more time with your family and friends. And they'll love what you got them this year!