Types of Radio Antennas

With a quick glance, you can become acquainted with different types of radio antennas. There's a lot to know about antenna technology and choosing the right antenna for your two-way radio, but this brief guide will immediately make you a more knowledgeable radio buyer.

Monopole Antenna - A single element that radiates energy, typically a metal rod

Quarter-Wave Monopole Antenna - Equal in length to one quarter of the desired wavelength of the radio signal; pre-tuned to a specific frequency range

Whip Antenna - A flexible rod that may have telescoping parts; most commonly used for portable and mobile radios operating in the UHF and/or VHF radio bands

Rubber Ducky Antenna - A type of whip antenna; used on cordless phones and walkie-talkies, due to its small size

Ground Plane Antenna - A whip antenna with horizontal rods at the base that increases the power gain of the antenna

Dipole Antenna - Has 2 symmetrical wires or rods for radiating energy; includes rabbit ears antennas and Yagi-Uda television antennas