Why Two-Way Radios are a Plow Driver's Best Friend

Plow through that blizzard with confidence, comfort and security! Learn why two-way radios are the most valuable tool (aside from their plow) for the nation's steadfast and dedicated plow drivers. It's a lonely job, out there in a terrible storm, trying to keep the roads cleared for emergency vehicles, doctors, nurses, firemen, police and other key workers. Plow drivers often work alone in extremely hazardous conditions, so any precautions they can take to stay connected to fellow drivers and their company's dispatcher can not only make the job far more comfortable, but also a great deal safer.

Two-Way Radios are Reliable Even in Whiteout Conditions An advantage that two-way radios have over cell phones is that they are typically built to be extremely durable. Certain models are even designed to meet rigorous military and IP54/55 specifications. This ensures that the radio can withstand extreme temperatures, shock, vibration, dust and moisture. The IP54/55 rating also makes them resistant to jets of water! Having a nearly indestructible walkie-talkie in the plow truck provides a communication system a driver can count on, no matter what Mother Nature throws at them, and it also goes a long way toward delivering peace of mind.

NOAA Weather Channels Many two-way radio models have built-in NOAA weather channels. For personal users on a camping, hiking or skiing trip, having advance notice of a storm or some other emergency situation is extremely valuable. For a plow driver, this kind of information is essential. With it, they can know when a new storm system is coming in, or if there has been a natural or man-made disaster nearby.

Instant Communication and Immediate News Updates Having a high performance radio allows dispatchers stationed in the main office to alert a plow driver to emergency conditions, closed roads and other hazards that can directly impact their job. The person in charge of dispatching drivers to certain parts of town can alert them to schedule changes and updates to a local weather forecast. The drivers can also use their two-way radios to communicate with each other. This is very useful in situations where they need to call in backup to help with a particularly difficult job. All this helps to make the driver's work easier and more comfortable.

Always a Button Away from Help With a walkie-talkie system, a plow driver is just a "push-to-talk" button away from calling for assistance in the event of a personal emergency. Whether they're involved in a traffic accident, have been stopped in their tracks by a broken-down vehicle or have a medical emergency, help can arrive to their location quickly. It is far better if they can immediately speak to someone at the office without having to dial a number on a cell phone and wait for a response. Digital two-way radios include GPS capability, which allows the driver to be easily located.

For all that the plow drivers do for their town and community, helping residents get out of their homes by giving them clear, sanded roadways, they deserve to have peace of mind while working through a long, cold and snowy night. With the challenging job of keeping the roads and highways clear, every detail becomes very important, such as the feeling of security to know that someone at the company is always easily reachable. When a friendly and helpful voice is just a button push away, a reliable two-way radio really is a plow driver's best friend.