Run Better Group Tours at Your Business

Whether you run a brewery or an industrial plant, there are a number of job sites that give tours to small groups. When you're conducting a group tour, you'll want to have a reliable walkie talkie or radio to allow you to communicate with the guests on your tour without losing the signal or losing your group's interest. Here are a few smart tips for how to run great group tours at your business - and which products to use to make them even better.

  • Create a comfortable group. If you're taking a group on a tour, you won't want to bring along too many people, because this will make it difficult to hear, see, and even to walk together. Aim for a group of 10 or so people to best hold their interest and ensure that everyone can retain all of the information.
  • Make things fun. No matter what type of information you're teaching, you'll want to make it interesting for people to listen to. Give them the facts, but also throw in a few jokes and anecdotes, and be sure to leave time for questions at the end.
  • Use a digital receiver. To ensure that everyone is able to hear you clearly throughout the duration of the tour, use a digital receiver while speaking. Tech Wholesale recommends products like the Listen-Technologies LR-400-072 Portable Display RF Receiver, which features exceptional audio quality and convenient recharging options at a very affordable price. It operates over 17 wide band channels and 40 narrow band channels, and it has a digital display LCD screen to help monitor your selection.
  • Pick up the pace. When it comes to a good group tour, less is often more. Narrow your tour down to a few important sites, and weed out the less important areas. This will help your group to retain the most important aspects of the tour.