Motorola RMN5114 Lightweight Temple Transducer


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Information - Motorola RMN5114 Lightweight Temple Transducer

Motorola's lightweight temple transducer keeps you connected and safe on the job -- two critical components of work place efficiency! Warehouses, factory work, loading docks, construction sites... the list is long for the types of industry that use two-way radios on a daily basis. These transducers may also be used by people with certain hearing disabilities due to the unique way the sound vibrations are transferred to the inner ear. The lightweight temple transducer allows your workers to stay in the loop with business walkie-talkie communication all while comfortably wearing their safety helmets and hardhats. The temple transducer and microphone works by converting audio to vibrations that are transmitted to your inner ear via the bones in your temple. That way your ear stays unblocked by a loudspeaker, remaining capable of hearing all of the important sounds in the world around them like the beep of a forklift in reverse or the whir of factory machinery in motion, for example.
  • AX
  • DLR
  • CLS
  • DTR
  • RDX
  • XTN

Compatible with: CLS, DTR, RDX, RM, XTN, DLR, DTR600-700 radios

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  • Compatible with: CLS, DTR, RDX, RM, XTN, DLR, DTR600-700 radios
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