Motorola CLS Series Two-Way Radios, a Simple Solution for Your Small Business

Light as a feather. Easy to use. Broad coverage.


Check. Check. And, Check. The Motorola CLS series two-way radio delivers everything you need in a light-duty, business walkie-talkie.


Up to 5 miles range outdoors, 200,000 sq. ft. inside and 15 floors up in a high rise**; the UHF band CLS two-way radio keeps you and your employees on the same page no matter where you are on the job. Close knit communication between management and employees or amongst employees themselves has proven crucial to providing the kind of customer service that closes the deal. Whether its quick and friction-free delivery of products or timely and accurate information, your business builds confidence in the hearts and minds of your customers when your supply chain respond to their needs, fast.

When your customers get a good deal or a business makes their life easier, they tell a friend. Or, nowadays, they tell their whole network of friends on Facebook and twitter. Or maybe the whole world with sites like yelp and google places. If customers don't get what they want when they want it, they talk about that too, online. Today's social networking portals are here to stay for better and worse. Make all the forms in which word-of-mouth advertising manifests these days, work to your advantage by delivering the fast and efficient customer service you provide with a Motorola CLS 1110 or a Motorola CLS 1410 two-way radio. Old school radio frequency technology can help you succeed in the new cyber-driven marketplace.


And when it comes to usability, Motorola CLS walkie-talkies keep it simple. Both the CLS1110 and the CLS 1410 feature a front panel programmable display. You always know where you are in function menus, key-pad lockout status, where you stand on battery power and what channel or interference eliminator code your using. Everything you need to know displays right there on the screen.

For simplicity's sake, CLS series walkie-talkies are a great solution for businesses that see a high turnover of employees because it takes so little training to use them. Industries involved in seasonal jobs for the summer or holidays, fast food, movie theaters, retail, nursing homes, kennels etc. will love how quickly they can get their employees up to speed and ready to work using their Motorola CLS handheld radio.


Walkie-talkie settings are just as easy to configure from radio to radio using a multi-unit charger. Just drop it in the charging tray and select copy settings! Another bonus to the multi-unit charger lies at the end of the day, when you always know where your radios are. The CLS multi-unit charger helps reduce back office clutter when you don't have to plug-in a bunch of separate single-charger units.

Of course you have to charge them -- they don't eat grass -- but the CLS series two-way radio is not a beast on battery power. CLS walkie-talkies work on just 1-Watt of power, so one full charge will last you up to 12 hours. Just that 1-Watt of power provides twice as much reach as a FRS family radio. For extra flexibility on the fly, the CLS series radios are made to be compatible with AAA batteries when used with an AAA adapter (sold separately). Lithium-ion batteries are the recommended battery chemistry, but for times when you're out on a longer haul and need your two-way radio to keep on truckin' a AAA battery can jump in as a pinch hitter you can grab at any convenience store.

Size and Privacy

Standing slightly over 4 inches tall and weighing in at just under 5 ounces, the Motorola CLS series two-way radio comes feature fat. 121 interference eliminator codes (also called privacy codes) comprised of 83 digital and 38 analogue codes await at your service for cross-chatter free and private conversations on 56 business exclusive frequencies (464.5 - 469.5MHz). Both the CLS1110 and the CLS1410 offer key-pad lockout, a battery meter, a channel code indicator, an audible low battery alert tone and 3 audible call tones. So what sets them apart?


Honestly, there's a little bit of a price difference because the CLS 1110 is a one-channel walkie-talkie. The CLS 1110 makes for a great, affordable solution for businesses that don't need to separate out their job communications among different groups. The CLS 1410 model offers everything you get with the CLS 1110; plus the CLS 1410 offers 4-channel communication with channel scan, VOX and Vibracall. In addition to the 3 audible call alert tones, Vibracall alerts you to an incoming transmission via vibration. VOX lets you transmit hands free (when used with an optional accessory, sold separately) simply by speaking in the direction of the mic. The VOX feature senses your intention to transmit and broadcasts your message over the channel/code to which your 2-way radio is tuned.

The 4-channel communication you get when you go with a Motorola CLS 1410 lets you separate conversations among different user groups. Huh? OK. Let's pretend your name is Jerry and you own and operate a movie theater. You've got ticket-takers who do double duty as clean-up in between shows, concessions and projectionists. You want to reduce the running around when employees need to talk to you or each other, so you're looking at buying some user-friendly, walkie-talkies to end asking of the eternal question, "Do you know where Jerry is?" Here's how the CLS 1410 can make that happen using 4-channel communication.

You, Jerry, are available on Channel 1 to answer all questions, unlock doors for supplies, pick-up drawers, provide change, listen to sob stories, you name it. You put the ticket/clean-up kids on Channel 2 -- no need to track 'em down when someone's puked in the bathroom again and they can't hide. Put your concessions folk on Channel 3 where they can radio for back-up, card machine flare-up or more of whatever that is that goes on popcorn. The projectionists, you assign to Channel 4, so they never have to leave their post during a movie - they can just signal a technical or a security issue right over the air. Done. Everyone knows where to find you and each other and you know where to reach them. The benefit of separating communication over the 4 separate channels is that no one gets distracted by or has to filter out calls that aren't intended for them. In other words, the projectionists don't need to know when the coke tap needs more syrup, but you do. The CLS1410 makes it happen and keeps it simple.

To order your Motorola CLS series two-way radio, just add the model you like to your shopping cart and will ship it to you on the same or the first business day after you place your order, for free!