Kenwood KEP-2 2.5mm Earphone Kit for KMC-45 Speaker Mic (Black)


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Information - Kenwood KEP-2 2.5mm Earphone Kit for KMC-45 Speaker Mic (Black)

This is the earpiece ONLY, and is designed to work with the KMC-45 Mic (Not the KMC-21, which has no jack for this item).

Maximize your mobility and efficiency while staying in communication with coworkers with the best accessories for your Kenwood ProTalk radio at the lowest prices anywhere. The Kenwood KEP-2 2.5mm earphone kit is designed to be used with the Kenwood KMC-45 speaker mic (which is the replacement model for the original KMC-17 speaker microphone). This earphone kit is made for discreet monitoring of conversation in low to medium noise environments. It comes with a 2.5 millimeter plug and easy connect and disconnect clear acoustic tube. It's compatible with Kenwood ProTalk radios that use the heavy duty KMC-45 microphones.

Please note that the KEP-2 and KMC-21 plugs are not compatible. This kit includes the earpiece only. You will need to plug it into the KMC-17 or KMC-45 speaker microphone for clear, noise-free and discreet communications.
Compatible with NX-P1300AUK, NX-P1302AUK, NX-P1300NUK, NX-P1200AVK, NX-P1202AVK, NX-P1200NVK, NX-P1300ISNUK, NX-P1200ISNVK, TK-3000AUK Radios
KEP-2 & KMC-21 are not compatible.

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  • Compatible with: TK-3230 TK-2400/3400/3000, NX-P1200/P1300/240/340 radios
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