Guide to Programming Your Two-Way Radio

two-way radio is an ideal way to communicate with a handheld device in large, noisy or crowded areas where parties that need to stay in touch are not physically close to one another. In order to do so, though, you'll need to figure out how to program your two-way radio first. Programming a two-way radio requires a few steps and a little bit of patience, but the end result will be well worth your while.

Programming Instructions by Radio Brand

How to Program Motorola Radios

How to Program Kenwood Radios

How to Program Your Two-Way Radio

Please note that two-way radio models vary, so you may need to adjust your steps in accordance with the brand/model you have.

With that out of the way, start by making sure that the radio's battery is fully charged before programming the radio. After the battery has a full charge, you're ready to start programming.

First, set the default channel frequency. With the radio turned off, hold down the "Menu" key, then turn the radio on and release the "Menu" key after just one second. Select a channel using the arrow keys and, again, press the "Menu" button. Use the arrow keys to select a frequency within the channel you have chosen. Go through the same process again for as many channels that you wish to program. Press "PTT," "Mon" or "Cal" to exit.

A zone is comprised of 16 channels, and your radio offers eight zones from which to select. Specify the zone of channels you want to look for. Press the "Menu" button, then the "Up" or "Down" button without stopping until the word "Zone" shows up on the display. Press "Menu" again to select the "Zone" function. Highlight the desired zone using "up" or "down" keys, then push "Menu" to select it. Choose the same zone as the people with whom you are trying to contact. Choose a channel within the specified zone and turn the "Channel Selector" knob to explore the different channels. The radio will scan and connect to compatible frequencies in range of the radio.