Choosing the Right Two-Way Radio for your Business

In just three minutes, you can learn everything you need to know about choosing the best two-way radio for your business. We wrote this handy article so that readers like you can acquaint themselves on all of the key topics in a hurry. Selecting the best business radio system comes down to choosing the right solution for your specific business requirements, and there are several factors to consider. The right two-way radio for your business will help you revitalize your internal communications, leading to an increase in customer satisfaction, greater efficiency and higher profits.

UHF or VHF Two-Way Radio for Best Coverage Indoors or Outdoors VHF radios are best suited for exclusive outdoor use, since the signal from a VHF radio travels farther with no obstructions. You'll get peak performance and maximum range from VHF two-way radios when they're used in open areas where there aren't many buildings, outdoor structures, hills or dense forests. Those that benefit most from VHF walkie-talkie systems are marine and aviation industries, landscaping businesses, golf courses, agricultural workers and outdoor security personnel. UHF two-way radios are best for indoor use, when signals need to penetrate wood, concrete and steel structures. UHF radios are ideal for offices, retail stores, warehouses, hospitals, hotels and restaurants. They're also the best choice if you need a business radio for both indoor and outdoor use.

Digital Two-Way Radios Offer Clear Communications and Wide Coverage An alternative to a VHF or UHF two-way radio for business is a digital radio that operates on the 900MHz band. This advanced technology can give you the same power and reach of a 4-watt analog radio with just 1 watt. The signal from a digital radio, without the analog static, is much clearer. There is increased privacy and it's possible to call individual users or small groups, in addition to transmitting to the entire team. As an added benefit, operating a digital walkie-talkie does not require an FCC license.

Business Two-Way Radios vs Family Two-Way Radios Business walkie-talkie units are designed differently from those intended for personal use. They feature business-exclusive frequencies and some have customizable codes that eliminate crosstalk from other walkie-talkies operating nearby. They also give businesses an added layer of security for their internal communications. They're built to be more durable and have higher wattages and more advanced features like easy cloning of settings, customizable channels and programming software. Certain models allow you to expand the range even further by being compatible with a repeater.

Higher Wattage for Wider Coverage vs Compact Unit While a 4- or 5-watt two-way radio with an integrated antenna could give you a range of up to 350,000 square feet or 30 floors, certain businesses don't need that much power, but they require more compact units. In those cases, a small lightweight and discreet two-way radio is preferred. For retail clerks, waiter and waitresses, hotel front desk workers and others who interact with the public, a business walkie-talkie that can be discretely worn on a uniform is the best choice. What you give up in terms of wattage, you gain in lightweight, compact design. These types of radios are designed to be comfortably worn on belt holsters all day long without interfering with the employee's daily work. They also feature voice-activated operation and are compatible with low-profile headsets for maximum portability.

Durable Outdoor Military Spec Two-Way Radios for Harsh Conditions Many high-end business radios are designed to meet military specifications MIL-STD 810. These radios are built to withstand harsh conditions such as extreme temperatures, rain, humidity, vibration and shock. Look for this feature if you'll be using the two-way radio in an outdoor or damp environment, on a factory floor with heavy machinery or in a dusty maintenance shop.

Multiple Channels for Several Departments or Groups of Users If your company has several different departments or various groups of employees, select a two-way radio system that has multiple channels. This allows you to assign a channel for each department so that they can speak privately to others in their group or to the entire team.

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