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Business Two Way Radios Enhance Productivity and Reduce Overhead

Communication is a significant cost of business overhead. One way to keep the cost down and maximize efficiency of your labor pool is found with business two way radios. Unlike mobile devices, you'll only face a one-time fee for purchase and licensing of a business band. Two way radios also free your workers to communicate on the move, so there are no delayed messages. Learn about the other benefits before spending another dime on less effective communication solutions.

Team Control

The communications revolution has brought significant advancements to business two way radios. Increased wattage now provides a greater talking distance, and multi-channel support with manager locks let you take direct control of your work teams with the same technology employed by the US military.

Operation is simple. Assign each team a different channel, to which you can lock their radios. Now, teams can communicate with each other and you without cross-talk or interference. Anyone hearing a specific transmission will know immediately that it directly relates to their assigned duties. When a team member calls in to base, no one but that team and you will hear the message. This saves all members the time spent trying to figure out whether a message is meant for them. It also reduces legwork and may allow you to further streamline operations.

Durability and Quality Communication

In the past, business two way radios suffered design flaws. It was difficult to hear transmissions in loud work environments, and radios didn't last very long with regular use. Major manufacturers, like Motorola, have solved these problems with amazing results.

Speaker wattage for business two way radios is now higher without causing the battery to drain too quickly. Clarity is also increased over past models. If background noise is still too great or data security too important to risk, ear buds and other accessories are built specifically for these problems.

Whether it's a drill team in the desert, construction site or shopping mall, modern radios are built to withstand the elements. Water jets, humidity, dust and accidental drops are fully protected against by modern business two way radios!