Motorola HCLN4013A Swivel Belt Holster


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Information - Motorola HCLN4013A Swivel Belt Holster

Motorola HCLN4013A Swivel Belt Holster

Are you up and down a lot at work? The CLS swivel belt holster makes a great way to wear your CLS radio while on the move, as well as sitting down. With the CLS swivel belt holster you can clip your CLS walkie talkie to your belt and flip it around any which way you like. For example, turn it horizontally when you're going to sit down and it's there when you need it, but out of the way of the bend at your waist. Flip it back vertical for when you're standing up.

The CLS swivel belt holster lets you adjust the position of your CLS radio any way you like with the ease of a simple turn. All the while, there's no fumbling around your work space for wherever you left it last, because it's always right there at your side. If you think you might prefer wearing your CLS radio around your neck on an adjustable strap, you might try our CLS carry case.
Compatible with: CLS radios

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  • Compatible with: CLS radios
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