Motorola HKLN4512 CLP Bluetooth Pod For: CLP radios


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    Product Specifications:


  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • Bluetooth status indicator
  • Built-in belt clip,"series=Motorola CLP Radio Accessories"

    Additional Specifications:

Motorola HKLN4512 CLP Bluetooth Pod For: CLP radios Product Information

Supercharge your business communications by using your Motorola CLP1060 two-way radio to its fullest potential.

This unique Bluetooth two-way radio lets you communicate privately and discreetly, without any wires. To do this, the radio requires this Bluetooth Pod, which is the system's main communication device. In addition to this Motorola Bluetooth adapter, having complete Bluetooth functionality also requires the HKLN4509 charger and the HKLN4513 swivel earpiece with inline PTT microphone, both sold separately.

The CLP1060 is ideal for a service employee who must regularly interface with the public while keeping in close contact with co-workers and supervisors. Businesses that will especially benefit from this lightweight, compact and highly mobile two-way radio include restaurants, bars, hotels, hospitals and event security personnel.

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