Motorola DTR 0105950U15 Programming Cable For: DTR DTR600-700 radios


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Motorola DTR 0105950U15 Programming Cable For: DTR DTR600-700 radios Product Information

Motorola DTR Programming Cable Motorola knows what your business needs to save time and maximize efficiency for connectivity that's convenient and easy. Motorola's DTR programming cable tops the list for business radio accessories that streamline your workflow. With Motorola's DTR programming cable you can leverage the ease and familiarity of working from your personal computer to program your DTR business radios to your liking. The DTR programming cable lets you navigate user menus and frequency/code settings right from your PC's keyboard via Motorola's free for download Customer Programming Software (CPS). Simply attach the DTR programming cable to a DTR walkie-talkie once you've downloaded CPS to your PC and follow the user-friendly prompts. So easy! Of course, if you need any additional assistance getting your DTR business radios setup, we at are always here for you via email or telephone. Let us know how we can help! The programming software may be found here: DTR Programming Software