Motorola CP200D-U (AAH01QDC9JC2AN)


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    Product Specifications:

  • Band: UHF
  • Channels: 16 channels
  • Power: 4 watts
  • Weight: 12.2 ounces
  • Dimensions: 5.0 x 2.4 x 1.7 inches
  • Outdoor range*: Reliable communications for 1-3 miles
  • Indoor range*: Up to 350,000 square feet and 30 floors
  • 89 business-exclusive radio frequencies
  • 213 privacy codes that give you a clear and private signal


  • One Motorola CP Series CP200-D 2-way Radio
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Wall charger
  • Belt clip
  • Removable antenna
  • User guide
  • Safety sheet
  • THREE year warranty

    Additional Specifications:

  • VOX-equipped
  • 3 call alert tones
  • Battery-saving mode
  • 3 voice-inversion scramble settings
  • Removable antenna
  • Radio mic gain and accessory mic gain
  • 2-pin captive cover accessory connector
  • Compatible with CP accessories
  • Compatible with CP two-way radio frequencies and privacy codes
  • Li-ion battery included
  • Requires an FCC Business License
  • 3-year Motorola warranty included

Motorola CP200D-U (AAH01QDC9JC2AN) Product Information

Connect your workforce while remaining cost-effective, with the Motorola CP200d-U radio! These walkie talkies offer simplicity and affordability and possesses the adaptability to scale alongside your growing business needs. The CP200D-U radio operates on UHF Frequencies.

By seamlessly amalgamating the most advantageous features of two-way radios with cutting-edge analog and digital technology, the CP200d becomes the ideal choice for individuals seeking uninterrupted connectivity in their daily operations.

The CP200d exhibits full compatibility with the MOTOTRBO family of radios, and it distinguishes itself with its exceptional audio quality, expansive coverage, extended battery life and more.

When you need a simple, reliable, cost-effective communication solution to help multiple work crews connect, coordinate and collaborate, CP200d two-way portable radios are made to get the job done right. With their easy-to-use ergonomics and crisp, clear audio, now your teams can work more efficiently.
Unleash the power of your CP200d radios with accessories. They're the only accessories designed, built and tested with your radio to optimize its performance. 

A construction worker carries his CP200d as an essential part of his toolkit. The digital technology gives him excellent coverage across the entire site. And it has significantly better battery life too, so he knows he'll have reliable voice communications all day long.
The manufacturing team in a parts factory relies on CP200d portables to coordinate operations. The digital noise-cancelling software filters out the worst of the background noise, allowing them to hear clearly over loud machinery. Factory capacity is expanding, so they're running MOTOTRBO Dual Capacity Direct Mode, which can fit twice as many calls into the same spectrum.
A security guard uses his CP200d to alert the control room to some suspicious activity. The radio's intuitive design is easy to use in the dark, and even when he speaks softly, he knows that the digital AGC (Automatic Gain Control) will automatically boost the volume so he's heard clearly back in the office. And if it comes to the worst, he can use one of the programmable side buttons to call for help Ð with one touch.

Keeping operations running smoothly during a change in communication systems is vital to any business. It's easy to migrate to digital with the CP200d because it delivers the same features, form factor and durability of the CP200 as well as using the same batteries and chargers. It can operate in analog and digital modes concurrently - and to ease the transition even further, the dynamic mixed mode repeater functionality streamlines automatic switching between analog and digital calls. So you can start using MOTOTRBO radios and repeaters on your existing analog system, then migrate to digital when your business is ready.

We've designed the CP200d to be as efficient to operate as it is cost-effective to buy. That's why we've integrated the powerful fleet management capabilities of Motorola's Radio Management solution into every radio. Gain even greater efficiency when you migrate to digital. Your radio will operate up to 40% longer than analog on the same battery and you get twice the capacity from the same 12.5 kHz channel, using our Dual Capacity Direct Mode feature.

Make sure your new CP200d radios are ready when you are. We can bring together the right experts and processes to help you integrate CP200d radios into your business, quickly and cost-effectively. Motorola's Implementation Services include Coverage Mapping, Site Integration and Device Programming.

The CP200d is made to last. It is rated IP54 (splashproof, virtually dustproof), so it can be used even in harsh environments. It has been proven tough in Motorola's grueling Accelerated Life Test program, in which the design must survive a simulated 5 years of hard service before it is accepted.
The CP200d is backed by a two-year Standard Warranty (US and Canada) with a minimum one-year warranty on Motorola-branded accessories. Because wear and tear happens, Motorola recommends Service from the Start Lite, which delivers accelerated turnaround on radio repairs and even covers shipping costs. By reducing your downtime, Service from the Start Lite helps you to lower your total cost of ownership and focus on your business operations, not your technology.

Who should use the CP200 2-way radio? Heavy hitter businesses who are serious about productivity, security and staying on schedule!

Multiple Buildings: Two-way radio range depends on signal strength, weather conditions and elements native to the terrain over which you're broadcasting. Packing a 4-Watt punch, the CP200d is able to penetrate through walls of multiple buildings in a 350,000 sq. ft radius and cut upwards to 30 floors*. Also a repeater capable radio, the CP200d lets you work around what you can't push through providing site-wide, two-way radio coverage.

Warehouses: Communication via walkie-talkie is essential in a workplace where goods flow in and out constantly. Coordinate loading, unloading and shipping, stocking and shelf space management in a jiff. Dispatch teams to take care of temperature controlled stock before things heat up.

Large Hospitals: Coordinating support teams for patient care and community safety is a huge responsibility. Doctors, nurses, supplies, administrative services, security all need to run like clockwork when lives are at stake. Housekeeping rises to a whole new level when you're looking at containing biohazards. A high-powered, multi-channel 2-way radio like the CP200d is an absolute must.

Military: Crucial to moving troops and supplies, the two-way radio has served honorably in military operations since the technology was first developed. The CP200d with its 4-Watt reach, extensive feature set, long battery life and repeater capability ranks high in any deployment situation, be it logistics or special forces.

University Campuses: Keeping college campuses secure is critical to student safety and a reputation that enjoys continuing increased enrollment. Two-way radios enable security to react to emergencies quickly. Walkie-talkies also offer the perfect solution for landscape and building maintenance crews to coordinate tasks and equipment. At 18.5 hours on a single charge, the CP200d covers multiple shifts.

Large Hotels: From parking to the penthouse, large hotel properties rely on two-way radio communications to coordinate the workings of what should feel like a home away from home. The CP200d lets you talk to housekeeping up to 30 floors up and dispatch maintenance to handle technical issues across 350,000 square feet*. Meet the needs of your guests and convention attendees in record time, so all your reviews on Trip Advisor shine with 4 stars.

*Coverage will vary based on terrain, conditions and the radio model used.
Product FAQ

Which industries benefit most from the Motorola CP200-D Two-Way UHF Radio?
This radio is great for businesses that operate across multiple buildings, in warehouses or in massive spaces such as hospitals. It's also great for the military and law enforcement professionals because it's so tough, and it's popular in large hotels and among security professionals on college campuses and beyond.

How do I get to the radio's advanced features?
When you order the Motorola CP200-D Two-Way UHF Radio from, you get a free download of the software that allows you to control advanced aspects of the radio.