Motorola 56553 CLS Drop In Charger For: CLS radios


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Motorola 56553 CLS Drop In Charger For: CLS radios Product Information

Drop-in charger (includes a wall-charger adapter) CLS radios.

Left your CLS drop-in charger on a job site? Just want another one to keep at home or in the cabin? Order from on a business day and out it goes that same day. Order your CLS drop-in charger during off hours and we'll ship your CLS walkie-talkie battery charger the next business day. The CLS drop-in charger ships with the radio drop-in tray and its accompanying wall adapter to get your business radios up and running asap! We know how vital two-way radio communication is to productivity and efficiency. Our warehouses run (smoothly) on the connectivity that workplace walkie-talkies make so easy!